miscarriage gifts

With miscarriage rates climbing, many women are finding themselves the recipients of their friends’ sympathies when this difficult situation occurs in their lives. It can be very hard to know what to do in the wake of such loss, especially if you weren’t expecting it, but there are steps you can take to support your friend during this trying time, both physically and emotionally. After your friend has lost her baby, here are some things you can do to help her through the grieving process and get back on her feet again.

How Can I Support My Friend?

This is probably one of your biggest concerns: How can I support my friend? You’re worried about saying or doing something wrong and upsetting her more. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can help: Talk to your friend. Don’t wait for her to come to you; let her know that you want to be there for her. Most women will want (and need) someone with whom they can openly discuss their experience and feelings after a miscarriage. Provide non-judgmental support. Send little text messages to let her know that you’re thinking about her and are here to help in however way that you can if she needs it. Sometimes people need little reminders that there are people out there that care about her and her well-being.

Gestures That Help

A miscarriage is a deeply personal experience. The best thing you can do for your friend is to make them feel as comfortable as possible during their mourning period. But sometimes, friends and family may not know what to say or do. As a close friend, you might want to offer practical help, such as helping with household chores, picking up groceries, or making dinner for her and the family. It’s also important that people who have suffered miscarriages feel they are free to talk about it if they want—and if they don’t want to talk about it, that’s perfectly fine too. Don’t force conversations on them that will only upset them further. Instead, be supportive and empathetic toward how they choose to mourn their loss.

Gifts That Matter

Giving gifts is an integral part of human nature. It’s what friends do, and it’s how we show people that we care about them. Sadly, miscarriages have become more common in recent years due to more women being strong enough to talk more openly about it when they have gone through it. It is one of those situations where there are no correct answers because everyone handles grief differently. However, if you want to honor your friend’s loss by giving her something meaningful, Laurelbox’s miscarriage gifts are thoughtful gift boxes that will resonate with her emotions. A floral arrangement with a handwritten card can also go a long way.

The most important thing you can do when a friend has a miscarriage is to be there for them. Spend time with them. Remember that they’re hurting in ways that may not be easy for you to see or understand and that you don’t have to say something if you’re not sure what they need. Having someone in their corner, no matter how big or small can make all of the difference when it comes time for them to mourn their loss and move forward again.

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