Nursing Dresses

Knowing how to breastfeed can be tricky, especially if it’s your first time around. There are plenty of mistakes to be made and things to learn, and if you’re like most new moms, you’ll spend the first few months learning as you go and trying to figure out what works best for you and your baby. As you make your way through your first year as a nursing mama, be sure to stock up on these 5 must-have items to make your life easier along the way!

Nursing Dresses

They may seem like a frivolous purchase, but they’re far from it. Nursing dresses provide you with quick and easy access in case your baby suddenly starts crying or needs to be fed. They are also super flattering on new moms because they are designed specifically for nursing. Since you’ll likely spend most of your time in them, nursing dresses are also worth investing in since they won’t go out of style anytime soon. Nursing dresses from Sweet Salt are both fashionable and convenient when it comes to feeding your baby. Since they can quickly be accessed by undoing a few buttons, it provides the least amount of exposure so a simple swaddle or nursing cover will do.

Nursing essentials

While breastfeeding, it’s very important to always have these items on hand. This is to make sure you can feed your child whenever he or she needs it. A nursing essential, such as nipple cream, helps prevent sore nipples when you are lactating. As well as helping with dry skin and rashes that may appear in that area of your body. It’s best to use an organic type of nipple butter for maximum comfort during breastfeeding time. A nipple shield is often used in tandem with nipple creams, however, some moms use it solely if they need more pressure than what their baby can provide by suckling alone.

Breastfeeding Pillow

Whether you’re nursing in public or around other people, a nursing cover can be a lifesaver. In addition to providing privacy for yourself and your baby, you can avoid awkward glances from people who aren’t yet comfortable with breasts being used as feeding tools instead of something to ogle. Nursing covers come in a variety of colors and styles, including your basic blanket style that works great if you’re out and about or during feedings at home. If you want to use a cover indoors only, there are also options that look more like scarves or necklaces. With so many beautiful designs available online today, finding one that suits your personal style shouldn’t be hard!

Nursing Cover

Nursing mothers can feel comfortable feeding their babies without exposing their bodies to others by using a nursing cover. Nursing covers come in many different styles, but it’s important to choose one that stays on securely and doesn’t bunch up when baby is latched. Many women love to use nursing covers with dresses for breastfeeding because of their discreet design. You can also find specific nursing dresses with built-in mesh windows so you don’t have to buy another layer on top of your outfit. Nursing moms love simple looks like these!

Nursing Bra

If you’re breastfeeding or planning to breastfeed, a good nursing bra is essential. The classic bra isn’t designed for that. Instead, it’s designed to keep you in place while doing day-to-day activities that aren’t necessarily compatible with breastfeeding. If you want to be discreet—or go without an underwire at all—you’ll need a nursing bra. So when buying nursing bras, look for ones that are seamless and offer light padding. A wide variety of colors will also help ensure your wardrobe matches whatever you choose to wear on any given day.

Finding good nursing essentials is something every nursing mom needs. It’s so important to have nice, comfortable clothes and pieces of clothing that help support breastfeeding. With these items, you can feel your best and provide your baby with a quality meal when they need it most. So add these products to your shopping list and check them off one by one as you add them to your wardrobe!

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