Nap times are the best times of the day for both mom and baby. While baby sleeps, mom can take advantage of the downtime by taking one herself, getting chores done around the house or catching up on work. Baby, on the other hand, is benefiting from their nap by getting the rest they need to help with their physical and mental development. Here are a few items your baby needs for the most restful naps.

Comfortable attire

Your baby will get the most out of their sleep time if they are comfortable, and this starts with wearing the proper clothing. You’ll want to dress your baby according to the temperature in the house. In general, babies should sleep in temperatures between 68 and 72 degrees. Depending on how warm or cool the temperature is, you’ll want to keep baby in clothing that won’t be too hot since they’ll most likely be swaddled at the newborn stage. Funny baby onesies at the Spunky Stork are made from organic cotton making them not only cute but also breathable — perfect for a day outfit and a nap. During cooler months in fall and winter, you’ll want to dress them in  a long sleeve baby gown or onesie when wrapped in their light swaddle blanket to keep them warm enough and at just the right temperature.

If you find that your baby is waking up constantly due to their swaddle blanket coming undone, a solution might be to get them a couple of Ergobaby sleep sacks. These are a safe alternative to keep them warm during their naptime. Introducing them to sleep in a sack during naptime is the best route since you’ll most likely be up to keep an eye on them without being interrupted at night during your own sleep.

White noise maker

There are pros and cons to using a white noise machine with one of the cons being that your baby may grow to rely on it to sleep. However, if you have a lot of noise in the house such as, a constantly ringing phone for work, pet noises such as barking dogs or other family members talking or moving around, a noise maker will help drown out those sounds to help the baby sleep better. Some newborns may prefer to sleep in absolute quiet, however, this may not be possible, which is why a noise maker may come in handy. Some babies may not like the white noise maker, which could make naptime a little more difficult but not impossible. Some parents find that the whirring sounds produced by turning on a fan at the low setting, is just the right amount of noise their baby needs to go to sleep. Just be sure to keep the fan away from the baby. As a perk, it will keep your baby’s room at the perfect temperature.

Blackout curtains or shades

There’s just something about a dark room that makes us fall asleep and stay asleep for longer. It could also do the same for your newborn. Bright sunlight can interfere with the duration of your baby’s nap, especially if their nursery is facing in the direction of the sun. Blocking out the light with blackout curtains or shades may help in giving your newborn a more comfortable, uninterrupted nap.

Aside from these items, a naptime schedule should also be practiced. “Good sleeping habits start from birth and are essential for healthy physical growth and important for mental development,” says Amanda Chagoya, Global Category Manager for Ergobaby Sleep Products. Once you and your baby have that down, naptime will be the favorite time of day for you both.

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