Motherhood is a rewarding but challenging feat. You find yourself facing a mountain of tasks and not enough time to get it all done; it can be quite a lot to deal with. But it is okay; everything takes time to get used to, so this too shall pass.

The one aspect of new motherhood that most women struggle with is making time for themselves. Sometimes putting together an outfit seems like the most arduous of tasks. Well, it does not have to be. Your sweatpants may be great, but they are far from fashionable. The following is a quick fashion guide for new mums and how they can look like a million bucks without putting in too much time or effort.

  • Throw on some accessories

Accessories complete an outfit. The easiest way to take a look from zero to a hundred in a heartbeat is to use your accessories and make your look more put together. As a new mom, it can be quite tough to have it all together at all times. If you are feeling overwhelmed about what to wear, just keep it simple with your everyday staples and dress them up with accessories.

Every woman needs some statement and essential accessories in her arsenal. Shoes, bags, belts, jewelry, and more; you must equip your wardrobe with them all. Even makeup is an essential accessory if you carry it properly. For everyday wear, we recommend adopting a minimalist aesthetic. For special occasions, go the extra mile with your boldest picks.

  • Put on a pair of heels

Heels are stunning. Not only do heels make you look taller, but they give your body a more toned look and make your legs look longer. Heels come in many shapes and forms. The best and most comfortable picks for new mothers are platform heels, block heels, and wedged heels. Steer clear of stilettos unless you are used to tiptoeing in them. Try to opt for heels that are versatile so you can style them with an array of ensembles. Black, brown, and nude heels usually guarantee the most use.

There is not a single outfit out there that a pair of heels cannot make better. As Tom Ford very aptly quoted, “It’s hard not be sexy in a pair of high heels.”  

  • Invest in good and comfy ankle boots

Ankle boots are the most versatile piece of footwear a woman can own. They are comfortable, they come in a great variety, and they can be styled with anything from a dress to jeans to tailored trousers. If you wish to take your everyday ensemble to the next level, a pair of ankle boots is the way to do it.

Style your ankle boots with a pair of everyday mom jeans, a button-down shirt, and a leather jacket for a casual chic look. Perhaps, sport your boots with a flowing chiffon dress and a sweater or a bomber jacket for a fun and flirty look. Wear them with a pencil skirt, blouse, and blazer if you are headed to work.

We recommend opting for a block-heeled ankle boot style with a low heel as it promises comfort too. Moreover, opt for a neutral tone like black and dark brown as they guarantee the most versatility.

  • Play with darker hues

Your body goes through a lot during pregnancy. You cannot expect to go back to your previous size. Moreover, there should not be any pressure to bounce back to your pre-baby size. Take it slow and steady and enjoy the journey without stress.

That said, it can be quite challenging to come to terms with your new reality without feeling overwhelmed. One of the simplest ways to feel better about your body is to manipulate your outfit choices. An easy way to make your body more flattering and in shape is to wear darker hues. Dark colors give the illusion of a more toned physique, thereby making all your outfits appear all the more flattering.

Incorporate more dark tones in your outfits, such as styling a pair of black or navy pants with a light-colored top. If you are sporting a light-colored bottom, balance your outfit with a darker toned top and jacket or coat.

  • Carry a big and stylish bag

Big bags are super stylish, but more than that, they are super accommodating. Now that you will be carrying more items with you, instead of sporting two separate bags, put everything in one big one. Moreover, no one likes a pastel-colored diaper bag laced with cartoons and rattles. Your diaper bag does not have to be ugly. The goal here is to dress like a mom but make it fashionable.

Large tote leather bags for women are excellent for the purpose. Not only will you be able to house all your essentials in one, but you can also store your baby’s essentials in a separate pouch inside the bag. This way, everything remains organized and compact.

  • Wear more fitted clothing

Oversized clothing is all the rage nowadays. Everyone loves the big and loose cuts because they are just so ridiculously comfortable. Baggy clothing is relatively easy to carry as well. You may be thinking that baggy clothing will hide all your bumps and trouble areas to give a slimmer look, but it actually ends up adding on more pounds visibly.

Bulky clothes, although fashionable, if not styled correctly, can give a sloppy look. As a new mother, the last thing you want to look like is a hot mess. Ditch the baggy clothing and opt for more fitted garments that flaunt your physique for what it is instead of hiding it. In fact, mix and match fitted pieces with baggy clothes to create a more balanced and cohesive outfit. For instance, style a fitted tee with baggy trousers and an oversized sweatshirt or top with fitted pants or tights. Flaunt your body and embrace the change instead of hiding from it.

  • Try your luck with layering

Layering is the best way to elevate any ensemble. All you need is a few complementing garments, and that’s really it. Play with different cuts, lengths, and colors to create an ensemble that is chic, effortless, and memorable. Layering is an art that takes time to perfect, but we recommend starting simple and then working your way up with practice.

Take a pair of straight-cut jeans, for instance. You would ideally pair your jeans with a t-shirt or a button-down shirt. Well, take it a step further and throw a light sweater on top, and then complete the look with a denim jacket or a leather jacket on top. Tie your ensemble together with some minimal jewelry, shoes, and a matching bag, and you are good to go. If you want to rock a sleeveless dress, perhaps try layering it over a button-down shirt and throw a kimono on top for a boho-chic-inspired outlook. Look up ideas online and give them a shot.

  • Hide it all under a coat

Kids can be quite exhausting to deal with. On some days, putting an outfit together may also be a struggle. On such days, let your coat come to your rescue. Coats are super chic and stylish. They create a sleek and streamlined silhouette that flatters all shapes and sizes. Moreover, they complete an ensemble. A good coat speaks for itself, and when necessary, can hide all your flaws too.

If you do not feel like putting effort into your outfit, just throw your coat on top. Complete the look with complementing boots, a bag, and some minimal accessories, and you are ready to head out. We recommend a long coat, and as it looks more flattering, but you can also try your luck with something timeless like pea coats.

  • Parting thoughts

Motherhood can be quite overwhelming at times. You do not have to look put together at all times; it is okay to be a mess from time to time. However, make sure to take some time out for yourself in your hectic schedule. Treat yourself to small things like a blow-dry or a pedicure; throw on a pair of heels or lipstick to look and feel more like yourself. Use our fashion guide to maintain your awesome self as you juggle with the responsibilities of motherhood. We believe in you!

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