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Key West is one of the leading vacation destinations in the United States. With annual favorable climatic conditions (warm and sunny), the region also features a collection of stylish, healthy, and serene attractions.

Located on the southernmost part of the continental U.S, the Florida Keys is the best tropical takes for a visitor ready to enjoy the true nature of a paradise. Experience the beauty of coral and sandy beaches, with a breathtaking sight of heartwarming sunsets, scenes that will give you and your family or friends a story to tell.

Besides the beautiful and warm climate that attracts visitors from far and wide, the island also features unique culinary that has a touch of the Caribbean culture. Seafood is popular in the Key West because fishing is the second largest industry coming after tourism. With the wide variety of fish and other marine food, Key West boasts a list of many kingly dishes, not only the famous dessert but also a variety of exotic sourced and locally prepared seafood ideal for locavores.

Will you be basking on the beaches of the Key West this summer? It’s never a hassle to identify the best meals. Here is where to start.

1.  Stone Crab

Stone crab is among the top delicacies you’ll enjoy in Key West. This marine crab is common northwestern Atlantic ranging from the east coast of the US and other regions like the Bahamas, Cuba, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Stone Crab is famous for flaky and delicious taste when traditionally prepared, making them a suitable meal to have on your table. Enjoy the best varieties at the Eaton Street Seafood Market dedicated to providing fresh local Seafood to their patrons.

2.  Puerco Asado

Key West has a population of Cuban descent and it’s no surprise to get served with dishes with Cuban culture. Puerco Asado is a slice of oven-roasted pork and one of the best traditional Cuban meals you can enjoy with your family. Experience the flavor of garlic marinated stakes and herbs when you order Puerco Asado.

3.  Conch Fritters

Do you love sea snails? Enjoy the hunt of this large sea snail at Fish All-In Key west with Captain Garrett Frey who offers fishing chatters. Garret will share his fishing skills and ensure you enjoy every net and hook activity around Key West. After the hunt, don’t fail to enjoy fried Conch with salad or with a plate of rice. The sweetest Conch fritters can be found ready or on order in most food outlets.

4.  Fresh Shrimp

You can always make your lunch or dinner a special one if you top up with Shrimp. Enjoy a bounty gift from the sea gods down in Florida pulled from the seas by local fishermen. Florida Pink Shrimp is an absolute delicacy. Be calm to get the value for your dollar.  You can experience the best and fresh quality Shrimp at a low price. And yes, the fresh Shrimp are supplied by local fishermen.

5.  Red Grouper

Red grouper is a common grouper-species-fish found in the United States, mostly it’s found within the east and west coasts of Florida. Enjoy this flaky, firm, and mild-tasting fish. Just by order, you’ll get yourself the best sea delicacy.

6.  Yellowtail Snapper

Like the grouper species, snapper is abundant at Florida’s Gulf Coast, with a yellowtail snapper being endemic to the Florida Keys. The best chefs will find the pleasure of serving the grilled pinky flaky meat. You cannot visit Key West and fail to experience the best from the oceans.

7.  Hogfish

Visit the Atlantic and Gulf areas within Keys and find this snotty-pig looking like fish. Hogfish is a fleshy, tender, and sweet sea delicacy that will leave you asking for more.

8.  Florida Lobster

Do you love lobsters? Visit Key West and experience the real difference. On every menu you peruse, you’ll realize Maine-type lobster is far much different from Florida’s counterpart. Florida species is less sweet and chewy compared to the Maine variant. Besides, Florida lobsters don’t have claws, and so you can always choose them for lobster tails. Why not get yourself served?

9.  Mangrove Honey

Although Key West is known for seafood, you can enjoy something else. Florida’s east coastline is known for the abundant mangrove trees, that create a habitat for different bee species. The mangrove honey is extracted from see bees-hives and used as a sweetener for Florida’s meals and drinks. Visit some Floridian apiaries in Marathon and enjoy daily mangrove honey.

10. Lionfish

Lionfish should never scare you with its poisonous spine. Top chefs in West Keys will always present a spine-removed ready-to-eat flesh for your dinner. Since lionfish prey on other fish species, catching and cooking them helps develop a safe sea environment. Buy this for your indoor lunch, serve it boiled or fried and experience the Aroma.

If you visit the Florida Keys and Key West, there are delicious must-try meals on your menu. There are several different takes on key lime pie, but the actual taste of Key West lies within the fresh local Seafood. If you check in the restaurants in Key West, order a Conch, grouper, pink Shrimp, Caribbean spiny lobster, or stone crab claws. Relax and enjoy a fishing trip under Captain Garrett Frey’s guidance in Fish All-In Key west charter.

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