A movie night at home can be just as fun as visiting the theater. These days, you can watch the hottest films and the biggest actors from the comfort of your couch. Skip the ticket line and enjoy your favorite snacks without guilt. Our helpful entertaining tips will make your next movie night special. With so many easy ways to plan your evening, the most difficult choice will be what to watch first!

1. Prepare Fun Drinks & Snacks 

It wouldn’t be movie night without tasty snacks. Best of all, you won’t spend a fortune at the concession stand. We recommend shopping for your favorite ingredients at least a few hours before the movie. That way, you’ll have time to cook or prepare before your guests arrive. You’ll also be ready to indulge when the flick begins. If you need some inspiration that goes beyond the theater doors, vegan chocolate bars are the perfect companion for a scary movie.

If you like to DIY, you can pick up some baking chocolate and make cookies or brownies for the entire group. A large bowl of homemade popcorn is great for a party. You’ll always make it more enjoyable with sweet or savory popcorn toppings. Allow your guests to put their popcorn in their own paper cups and add custom seasonings. More delicious movie night snacks include granola bars and fruit skewers. Appetizers like vegetarian nachos and guacamole will keep you and your crew full and focused during long movies and action films. Don’t forget a beverage to wash it all down! For extended scenes and suspenseful films, a large water bottle or drink caddy is your friend.

2. Pick Your Film Ahead of Time

Pick your title before movie night begins. Some people are flexible with what they watch. However, you’ll spend your evening scrolling if you wait too long to decide on a film. Before the evening arrives, consider which flicks are atop your list. If you can’t decide, you can vote or select randomly from a couple of top choices.

If you need inspiration, choose a favorite actor or genre. We like to pick from the latest pictures and most popular releases on our streaming services and movie apps. One strategy is to go with a theme or a movie you’ve never seen. Some groups like to watch a favorite movie so they can laugh together. Once you pick a title, choose one backup. That way, you’ll be prepared if someone decides they don’t want to watch your selection. A tiebreaker vote will ensure that everyone sees an entertaining movie and has plenty of time to watch it from start to finish.

3. Choose an Inviting Space

It’s time to choose a cozy space in your home. Be sure to pick a room with a large TV screen or film projector. Popular choices for a movie night include the family room or den. You can also set up your movie outdoors.

There should always be enough seating (and then some!) for everyone in the group. Comfortable chairs are essential, which is why you’ll want a room with a couch or a couple of recliners. Outside spaces are better with long benches or picnic blankets. You can even offer Adirondack chairs or cozy sleeping bags.

Whether you’re inside or outside, you can make the space more inviting with large pillows and plush blankets. Soft lamps and string lights will provide enough illumination to avoid accidents while grabbing snacks or heading to the restroom. If you prefer the glow of the movie screen, use a small lantern or a nightlight instead.

4. Check Your Technology

There’s nothing worse than getting ready to stream without Wi-Fi, so check your devices and your internet connection before the film starts. Next, test your TV or device’s volume and screen brightness to ensure everyone can see and hear clearly. Then, look for software updates that may delay the movie’s start.

Review usernames and passwords so you’re not locked out of an app at the wrong time. Once you’re in and you find the movie, you can decide whether you need to add screen captions for the film. If you don’t think your audio is loud enough for a cinematic experience, consider adding more speakers or a TV sound bar. Finally, ensure all television and projector cords are out of the way to promote safety while your guests move about.

5. Leave Some Time to Chat

Since you’re watching your movie at home, you won’t have to head straight for the theater exits. Instead, you can leave some time to chat about the film. Family and friends can discuss a surprise ending or process an action-packed scene. An after-movie snack session is a perfect end to the evening.

When it’s time to turn on the lights, offer water bottles or paper cups of hot tea. A warm and toasty pick-me-up will keep everyone energized and cozy. Vegan chocolates or trail mixes are excellent evening snacks because they’re portable and taste amazing after a long movie. More smart options include chips and salsa and vegetarian pinwheels.

If you have extra time, you can hold a small contest. Trivia questions about the film can make for a memorable end to the night and get everyone excited about attending a movie night in the future. Give a token of appreciation to the winner like a bag of gourmet popcorn or a coupon to pick the next film. These extra activities act as entertainment and even family bonding sessions.

Create Memories on Movie Night 

Whether you’re spending the evening with a loved one or a big group of friends, movie night is an unforgettable experience everyone can enjoy. It’s also a fun activity for all ages. Think about what makes it special to go to the theater, and then create your own version in the comfort of your home. Gourmet treats and a comforting space will make movies extra special. A little planning will inspire you and make your guests want to return again and again.

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