Winter Outfit

Instead of relying on exact garments to make an outfit come together, outfit formulas lay down general guidelines that allow you to choose whatever will work from your existing closet. To give you some winter outfit inspiration, we’ve put together 11 fashion formulas that will apply to almost any closet.

1. White T-Shirt + Blue Jeans + Blazer

If you’re looking for a way to dress your blazer down, this winter outfit formula is the solution! Grab your favorite women’s jeans for sale and pair them with a simple yet high-quality white t-shirt. Then, top it off with a blazer in any color or pattern for an endlessly versatile look. You can wear nice sneakers, boots and even heels with this outfit, depending on the occasion.

2. Button Down + Tailored Pants + Sweater Blazer

Speaking of blazers, we also love a more casual sweater blazer during the winter months. This look is perfect for the office and combines a long sleeve button-down shirt with some nice tailored pants — either skinny jeans or slacks will work. Throw the sweater blazer over the clothes for a warm outfit that is still formal enough for most offices. If it’s warm enough, you can wear flats or heels with this outfit, or choose boots if the weather is colder.

3. Plaid Shirt + Black Top + Ripped Jeans

Want a more casual look for the weekend? Grab your favorite flannel shirt as well as a black long-sleeve t-shirt and your favorite pair of ripped jeans. Put the flannel shirt over the black top and leave it open so that you can see the shirt underneath. For a more casual look, stick with ripped jeans, or opt for some non-distressed jeans if you want a slightly nicer look. Either sneakers or booties go great with this more casual look.

4. Maxi Dress + Sweater + Boots

Who says you can’t make your favorite maxi dresses work for winter? This outfit helps a maxi dress transition to colder weather by pairing it with either a cardigan or a pullover sweater. For extra warmth, put some tights on underneath the dress and then slip your feet into boots. You’ll feel surprisingly cozy all day long even though you’re wearing a dress!

5 White Sweater + Black Pants + Colored Accessories

Monochromatic outfits always look sleek and sophisticated, but they can also feel a little blah on bleak winter days. To liven up your neutral wardrobe staples, try coordinating your accessories in a bright color like light blue, red, green, orange or even pink. Some brightly colored shoes and a purse will spice up a white sweater and black pants and make your day a little brighter as well. Even a bold red lip will do the trick!

6. Sweater Dress + Tights + Wool Coat

If you live somewhere with pretty cold winter weather, but you love to wear dresses year round, then this winter outfit formula is for you. Grab your warmest sweater dress, pair it with tights and boots and then put a wool coat over the entire ensemble. You’ll be so warm that you forget that you’re wearing a dress! You can also add other winter accessories like a hat or scarf for both style and warmth.

7. Black Top + Black Jeans + Brown Coat or Blazer

One of our favorite classic winter combinations is black and brown, and this outfit takes advantage of them for a simple yet sophisticated look. To create the base, pair a black top with black skinny jeans (or slacks if you work in a more formal office). Then, choose a brown coat or jacket to put over it. This can be a blazer, sweater blazer, cardigan, wool coat, or whatever your heart desires. Choose brown shoes to match the jacket or stick with black for a unified silhouette.

8. Shacket + T-Shirt + Jeans + Boots

Shackets (a.k.a. shirt jackets) are a must-have item this season and this list wouldn’t be complete without including one. Thankfully, a shacket is easy to style, so all you need to do is pair it with a classic t-shirt, jeans and boots for a fun weekend look. If it’s cold, you can switch out the t-shirt for a sweater that is thin enough to fit under the shacket for a little extra warmth.

9. Long Sleeve Top + Sweater Skirt + Heels

If you don’t already have a sweater skirt in your wardrobe, this is your sign to get one! This winter essential is cozy and stretchy, yet classy enough to wear to the office or a night out. For this look, combine a sweater skirt with a flattering top, either a long sleeve shirt or thin sweater you can tuck into the skirt. Slip into some heels and add a few jewelry pieces for a runway-ready look.

10. Leather Jacket + Solid Top + Black Jeans

No list of outfit formulas would be complete without at least one leather jacket ensemble. For this look, keep it simple with black jeans and a solid-colored top in a winter hue such as mustard yellow, forest green or maroon berry. Then, slip into the motorcycle jacket to instantly make your outfit cooler (metaphorically speaking — the jacket will keep you warm!). Complete the look with black boots or booties for a more casual night on the town.

11. Puffer Vest + Sweater + Printed Skirt

Skirts are obviously a good option for a more formal occasion, but you can also dress them down as well. Case in point: This outfit formula, which features a printed skirt combined with a pullover sweater and a women’s puffer vest for extra warmth. Add some tights and boots — as well as a hat — and you’ll be ready for a casual day at the office or a weekend full of brunch and shopping.

What other winter outfit formulas have you been loving this season? Have you already tried some of the outfit formulas on this list? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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