Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy is a wonderful moment in a woman’s life, and it may be one of the greatest rewarding experiences she will ever have! Nothing should hinder you from doing what you adore if there are no issues, with a few changes in the meantime to fit the demands of the baby evolving inside you! Exercising wins hands down, and when it occurs to be physically active when pregnant, more caution is required.

Pregnant women can be benefited from yoga, and the healthiest way to enjoy yoga during pregnancy is to enroll in a prenatal yoga class led by a trained instructor such as Divine Mother’s Team. Despite that We’ve compiled a list of the finest pregnancy yoga postures, stretches, and benefits, as well as other insights, to help you bond with your little ones and have a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga: Yoga During Pregnancy!

When you’re expecting, it might seem like an alien has taken over your body. As your body performs its remarkable task, everything you thought you learned about yourself is tossed out the door. Change that is beyond your control might cause you to feel estranged from yourself.

It’s commonly remarked in Pregnancy Yoga that your body changes every time you go onto the mat. You focus on accepting that change is unavoidable. This is especially true during pregnancy. Pregnancy Yoga reconnects you with your body and allows you to enjoy its journey.

Terrific Benefits Of Pregnancy Yoga!

Pregnancy yoga is a comprehensive approach to fitness that promotes stretching, psychic calming, and focused breathing. According to research, prenatal yoga is safe and can provide several advantages to pregnant mothers and their newborns.

Pregnancy yoga can help with:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety by improving your sleep.
  • Reduce lower back discomfort,
  • No more nausea, migraines, and lightheadedness
  • Boost the strength, flexibility, and durability of muscles.
  • Calm the nervous system
  • Helps to tone your muscles
  • Get you prepared for labour

Pregnancy yoga may also help you connect and socialize with other expectant mothers, as well as help you prepare for the worries & stress of being a new parent.

Pregnancy Yoga Poses For Mummas-To-Be

Women who practice yoga on a daily basis will need to make slight alterations to their program throughout the months of pregnancy when the body is encountering hormonal imbalances. The goal of pregnancy yoga is to assist the mother in bringing her infant into the world with as little stress and a few health concerns as possible. The postures and exercises used during the three trimesters differ from one another. It’s not just about performing yoga; it’s about doing it under skilled guidance in a comfortable setting.

Before commencing the activities, a pregnant lady should evaluate her medical history. Those who are taking yoga for the very first time and were not pursuing a regimen should not rush into it without first seeking physician approval. The first three months are critical, and the possibilities of miscarriage are considerable; therefore, extreme precaution is required at this period.

With all of the caveats and health suggestions out of the way, let us now go on to the ‘yoga poses’ most advised for would-be-mothers. The yoga poses listed below focus on strengthening the pelvic muscles, which help to improve the womb area for the proper development of the fetus.

Triangle Pose: Trikonassana 

Maintain a straight posture while keeping your feet together. Stick your hand on both sides of your body and relax. Spread your legs wide slowly. Raise your right hand. Take a deep breath and lean to the left, holding your left palm on the floor to balance. Turn your head up, concentrate your eyes on your right-hand fingertips, and tally up to 20. Rep the stance, this time-bending to the right. After 1 minute of relaxation, repeat the complete position twice.

Benefit: Trikonasana is an excellent pregnant yoga posture to do in the second trimester since it expands the hips, which can benefit you during labor. Trikonasana is a yoga posture that strengthens the knees, ankles, legs, shoulders, and chest. It also aids digesting during pregnancy. The hips, legs, and more body muscles are also stretched and opened by this asana. Trikonasana may even be done after giving birth.

Mountain Pose: Parvatasana

Sit up straight and breathe deeply. Raise your arms and make the ‘Namaste’ sign with your palms together. Straighten your elbows. Put your hands close to your ears. Hold the stance for a few seconds before returning to the regular position. Repeat 3–5 times more.

Benefit: It improves postural stability, alleviates back and shoulder discomfort, and develops hip flexibility.

Butterfly Pose: Bhadrasana

Sit on the mattress with your legs completely extended. Form a ‘Namaste’ with your feet contacting each other while keeping your legs in touch with the mattress. – Sit up straight and avoid leaning forward. Put both hands on your knees or ankles. Hold the stance for a few moments until you feel at ease. Straighten your legs, take a minute to rest, and then repeat.

Benefits: It strengthens the pelvic area, increases groin and hip flexibility, stretches the knees and thighs, and relieves pain & discomfort.

Cat Pose/Cow Pose: Marjariasana

Bend your knees while keeping your head upright. Inhale deeply and elevate your chin, pulling your head back slightly. Maintain a strong buttocks position and keep the posture for 30 seconds or as long as you are comfortable while taking deep breaths. Take a deep breath out and lower your chin to your chest. Rest your buttocks and straighten your back as far as you can comfortably. Hold for a few moments before repeating the stance three times more.

Benefit: Marjaryasana strengthens the belly and assists the body in dealing with extra pregnancy weight.

Join Pregnancy Yoga Classes Today!

Divine Mother is pleased to provide prenatal yoga classes led by Dr. Anushri and her skilled staff. Prenatal yoga is available in Ahmedabad. Stick to gentle exercise and investigate all of the advantages yoga has to bring you and your newborn throughout your pregnancy.

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