For the past decade, working from home has been increasing in popularity. And when the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, it forced many companies to adapt to a remote work setup.

Meanwhile, 7 out of 10 remote workers say that they are more productive when working from home. After all, you do not have a supervisor who is breathing down your neck. And if you are a parent, you get to watch your kids while doing your job.

That said, we have listed down eight actionable tips you can do to have a healthy and productive home office:

Divide and Zone Your Space

Working from home requires personal space. That’s why it would be ideal if you have a designated working area if you are a remote employee.

However, there is no need for you to occupy an empty room to have a home office. Sometimes, placing a work desk in a quiet corner of your house is enough.

What’s important is that it is clean and organized and has all your work equipment within reach. It also helps to set a household rule, wherein your family should let you work in peace when you are in your home office.

Add Some Indoor Plants

Indoors plants are not just here to make your workspace look zen. It also comes with the following benefits:

Air Filter

Our home office can be filled with toxic chemicals found in furniture, carpet, even our printer! However, research from NASA confirms that plants can eliminate toxins from the air.

Improved Health

According to Norwegian research, plants can alleviate illnesses like headaches, dry eyes, cough, and more. Plants are great natural humidifiers, moisturizing your skin and preventing dry coughs.

Better Mood

Indoor plants are also known to boost our mood and relieve our stress. That’s because plants make us perceive that we are in a pleasing space.

Increased Productivity

Aside from having a better mood, a Texas A&M study revealed that plants also increase alertness and attentiveness. And we all know that staying alert and attentive when working is imperative.

Keep a Tidy and Professional Background

Along with the growing popularity of working from home is the increasing need for virtual meetings and events.

However, the problem with online meetings is that people from the other end can get a glimpse of your room. Hence, it would be ideal if you set up a professional background ‒ preferably something that also serves as wall decor.

Some excellent examples are ceiling-to-floor bookshelves, a large world map, or a simple blank wall. According to Maid Sailors NYC Office Cleaning, what’s important is that you keep your background clean.

You should also consider how you will decorate your background wall. That way, it does not produce visual clutter.

Choose a Productive Color Palette

Speaking of blank walls, we suggest using a color palette that promotes productivity.

According to a post by Space Refinery, you can use the color blue as it is known to boost productivity. It helps create a calm and serene atmosphere, which is helping is keeping your focus and getting things done.

Choose an Ergonomic Chair

An ideal home office is not complete without an ergonomic chair. After all, you are likely to sit for hours in front of your computer. That said, you must have a comfortable office chair.

However, comfort does not necessarily mean that it should take up so much space. As such, consider having an ergonomic office chair.

For one, they provide comfort without taking up space. This explains why having an ergonomic chair is ideal if you have a small office or simply occupy a quiet nook somewhere in your living room or bedroom.

Open Your Windows

No one wants to work in a dark and dingy environment. Doing so can make focusing on your work and getting things done a challenge.

As such, we suggest that you open your windows and let natural light in. The best part? You get to save up on electric consumption.

In addition, being able to view the outdoors allows you to improve your concentration. Are you feeling foggy? Try watching the view outside your window for a change of perspective.

Get Moving

Working from home may seem like a dream. That’s because you get to dodge rush hour, you can take calls from the couch, and more.

However, this can also lead to a sedentary life.

If you want to be productive, we suggest that you get moving. This includes having a regular workout routine. Another is to take a quick break and walk outside your yard. You can also give yourself a reason to stand up once in a while, like getting a glass of water.

Doing so ensures that you get to exercise. It is also an excellent way to take care of yourself to function properly at work, even if you are working from home.

Stay Hydrated

In addition to having physical activities, you should also ensure that you are properly hydrated.

In the absence of the office water cooler, it’s essential to make sure that you’re still getting your regular water intake. That’s because hydration supports essential brain functions. What happens is that the water provides the electrical energy that your brain needs to absorb and analyze information.

This explains why proper hydration significantly boosts productivity and creativity. Increasing your water intake may be the help you need to keep your focus sharp and lift that dehydration-induced brain fog.

The key to having a productive home office is to ensure that your space is conducive to work. This means that you need a place that is comfortable, well-lighted, has less distraction, and encourages you to get moving.

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