Sweet Dessert Table

If you’re organising a birthday party for the first time, one of the things you should look into is setting up a dessert table. What’s that, you say? It’s simply a table that displays various sweet treats, such as cupcakes, candies, macarons, lollipops, and the like. You can tweak the contents of the table to suit different birthday themes and purchase wholesale sweets to ensure your guests get to enjoy a diverse selection of treats.

The following are some of the themes you can go for:

Animal Farm

If your family has pets or if the celebrant is an animal lover, an animal-themed table would be a great theme to go with—from the sweets to the decorations. Make it as colourful as possible to make your friends and guests really excited about the occasion.

Comic Book/Cartoons

A lot of people are into comic books, and if the birthday celebrant is the same, then you’ll surely enjoy a dessert table that’s focused on their favourite comic books or cartoon characters. You can start by printing out a banner of the background or setting of their favourite cartoons. Fondant cupcakes are also essential, but don’t forget to have their fave characters displayed on the cupcakes.


Florals or something plant-related can also be a good theme, especially if the celebrant is into flowers or nature, or if they just have refined tastes. Like how it is with other themes, there are variations you can choose from, such as using vases of fresh flowers as a backdrop or simply scattering flower petals on the table top. The desserts themselves that are displayed on the table can also be decorated with flowers or shaped as one.


Aside from comic books and cartoon characters, one other theme that’s extremely popular among a lot of people nowadays is “pirates,” maybe partly due to the popularity of The Pirates of the Carribean movies. You can feature images of swords and Jack Sparrow on the cupcakes, while displaying a background of a ship at sea.


If the celebrant’s birthday falls around mid- to late October, a Halloween-themed table will be perfect. Set up decorations of hollowed out pumpkins and illustrations of spooky creatures, and do the same with the sweets on the table.

Winter Wonderland

Aside from Halloween, winter is another time of the year that a lot of people love, probably because it reminds them of Christmas and presents. But you know what else they love about it? Snow—lots and lots of it.

Recreate a winter wonderland scene for them through their dessert table by displaying star-shaped cookies topped with white icing sugar and spraying white icing powder on the table for greater effect. If you want to go all the way with your efforts, you can take an old tree branch, paint it white, and decorate it with white ornaments so as to make it similar to a snow-coated tree during the winter.

Why Dessert Tables Are a Must-Have at Parties

Aside from making your party more fun, a dessert table can also make it more organised. Your guests won’t have to wonder where the treats are, and you won’t have to constantly hand out such sweets to them. You can also present them with a more diverse selection than what’s usually offered.

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