It seems like the baby gown has made a major come back over the last couple of years. Sure, they’ve always been around but as of lately the growth in popularity has taken over social media. Baby gowns that match mama’s robe or can be personalized seem to be a big hit for expecting moms. If you’re a new mama asking if baby gowns are safe, rest assured they are. However, if you want to know just how safe, keep reading so that you know what to look for before you jump on the baby gown train.


Newborns spend a lot of time sleeping more than anything else, therefore, you want to make sure that you have the right size and fit when it comes to your baby’s sleepwear. Your infant’s baby gown should not be longer than 25 3/4″ when laying down. Anything longer than that can create a hazard while baby sleeps. There is a misconception that all baby sleepwear should fit snug or tight up against the body. However, that’s not always the case. Of course, you don’t want to put them in something extremely loose — most baby gowns will stay securely fastened once knotted. As long as your baby’s sleepwear doesn’t pose a threat of choking or suffocating, they may be more comfy wearing something that’s not so tight.


A common concern with baby gowns is wondering if baby is truly warm. Depending on the material of the baby gown and the type of weather you’re experiencing, you can layer as needed or leave as-is. The best thing about baby gowns is that you can use layering pieces such as sox, onesies, and blankets if necessary to keep baby warm during the colder winter months. However, during warmer months, because your newborn will want to be swaddled, a baby gown under the swaddle is more than enough. Keep in mind that babies should sleep in  temperatures between 68° and 72°F. The best material for any sleepwear including baby gowns should be breathable and stretch fabrics to keep baby the most cozy.


Parents and especially grandparents prefer baby gowns over onesies with zippers and buttons. That’s because baby gowns keep baby’s upper body warm during diaper changes, which keeps the discomfort crying to a minimum since their chest isn’t being exposed to cold air after being snuggled. Also, because it’s just a simple tie at the bottom, diaper changes are much easier in the middle of the night when baby wakes out of their sleep due to a soiled diaper. Not only is it convenient for parents and grandparents, it’s also convenient for nurses during your hospital stay after delivery since they don’t have to fuss with fancy onesies. Knotted baby gowns at Sandstone Avenue are great for baby’s hospital stay or a coming home outfit for baby since they come with a matching cap which your baby will also need during their time at the hospital since a hospital can be a little too chilly for a baby coming fresh out of a warm womb.

Now that you know which baby gowns are safe, allow your baby to try one on and see how they like it. After all, babies have a way of telling you if they like something or if they don’t, even if they can’t talk yet.

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