Self-Care Package

As the holiday season slowly approaches, it is perfect timing for creating self-care packages for your friends or employees. Show appreciation and gratitude to a close friend or team with fabulous items for relaxation, stress relief, comfort and fun. Here are creative ideas to include in a self-care package for all seasons, holidays or special occasions.

Aromatic Candles

Decorative candles are magnificent items to include in self-care packages. They are therapeutic and create a peaceful environment for meditation, relaxation or dining. Use caution when burning candles to avoid accidents and damage to furnishings.

If your friend practices yoga or candle mediation, select an aromatic or unscented candle in the gift package. Some benefits may include enhanced focus, eye health and quality sleep. Research suggests that candle lighting helps people meditate to improve their mental and physical health.

Pampering Items

For males and females, pampering items are a must in self-care packages. When you think of your friends pampering themselves, items that come to mind are lip balms, foaming bath sets, fragrant soaps and body scrubs. Adding a pampering gift to the package will show that you care about their relaxation and comfort.

Funny or Inspirational Gifts

Display humorous or inspirational phrases on keepsake items, such as coffee mugs, magnets and journals. Include a fun or sincere message that grasps your friend’s attention. Things with funny or inspirational sayings are memorable keepsakes that your friends or employees will cherish.

Foodie Things

Some intriguing gifts for foodies are food and drink items. If your friend enjoys a cocktail during the holidays, a gift package would not be the same without mixers and kits. Surprise your employees or friends with snacks and drink mixes:

  • Cotton candy party sprinkles
  • Pretzels (covered peppermint chocolate, toffee chocolate, sprinkles chocolate or caramel chocolate)
  • Peppermint chocolate or vanilla salted caramel s’mores
  • Mints
  • Hot cocoa mix
  • Popcorn (sweet, cheesy or salty)
  • Sauce (caramel, cold brew caramel or bourbon caramel)

Stress Relief Toy

Simple stress relief toys people use at home or work include handballs, fidget spinners or cubes, movable desk sculptures and adult coloring books. A stressful person often ignores body tension that needs releasing. Squeezing stress balls and using these other items can help release tension in the body. Research studies reveal that stress balls might relieve arthritis and strengthen the muscles in the hands and wrists.

Comfy Footwear Accessories

Traditionally, items that will help fill your self-care package for a friend are socks. Comfy socks are available with funny sayings, such as “I Can’t Cook” and others. Including a pair of colorful socks in the self-care package will surely excite your friend with humor and laughter.

Foaming Bath Set

Another item to add to the self-care package is a foaming bath set. Your employees and friends will enjoy a warm or hot bath while caring for their skin. These bath sets nourish the body with ingredients such as enriched linseed oil, vitamin E, honey, olive oil and tea leaf.

Body Scrub

A spa-like bath is not complete without a body scrub. Your friend will be delighted to receive a body scrub in orange poppy chocolate, vanilla chocolate or lavender rosemary choco. The ingredients in these products might include cocoa butter, essential oils (lavender, rosemary, sweet orange or sunflower) and Dead Sea salt. Those bath or shower products will complement your self-care gift box.

Body Soap

Place a bar of luxurious soap into the gift package for your friend or family member. Ingredients like organic shea butter help moisturize the skin. You’ll find soaps with the aromas of eucalyptus, gardenia, wild honey, tea leaves, chai tea and sea watercress in various blends.

Bar Gift Items

Regardless of the holiday or occasion, bar gifts are items that can get your friend in the partying mood. Use garnishes and a flavorful syrup to make cocktails. Consider one or more of the following bar items:

  • Coasters
  • Cocktail cubes
  • Bottle opener
  • Garnishes
  • Wine carrier
  • Cocktail gift box
  • Cocktail syrup

Travel Eye Mask

If your friend or an employee travels a lot, an adjustable travel eye mask is a must-have. An eye mask can help them sleep better while traveling by plane, train or bus. It can enhance sleep so that they’ll arrive refreshed.

Pre-Made Gift Boxes

A creative idea for a self-care package is to give already prepared gift boxes to your employees or closest friend. A Self-Care Gift Box might include a small glass candle, bath foam, fridge magnet, lip balm, eye mask or mindfulness cards.

If you have coffee-loving friends, consider a gift box that includes everything needed to make a fresh cup of coffee. The set might include a grinder, caramel sauce, spoons, sugar cubes, an enamel mug and a bag of specialty coffee.

For employees or co-workers, consider a box with office supplies, a food item and a bag. This type of gift box might include a pen, notebook, mug, lip balm, rubber band ball, tote and mints. You can also find gift boxes designed for any occasion.

Get Your Corporate Gifts

Creating a care package for a friend, employee or client requires selecting the appropriate items and products. When shopping for corporate gifts, you can consider using a B2B (business-to-business) company to buy your products. Whatever you choose, your recipient is sure to appreciate the gift.

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