double stroller

There’s nothing quite like having multiple babies. It’s one of the most rewarding things you can do, but it’s also quite demanding physically and emotionally. It can be quite overwhelming to manage everything your babies need to live happy, healthy lives. But with the right gadgets, managing two under two will be easier than you ever imagined! Check out these top gadgets that will make life with multiple babies as easy as possible!

A double stroller

Twin parents, listen up. There’s a huge world of options out there for you. But when it comes down to making a double stroller choice, whether for two children or one newborn and one toddler, there are some things you’ll want to consider before buying. What do your children like? How often will you use it? Do you have storage space or will it be necessary? Can either of your kids sit alone or would they need car seats attached if not riding together? These are all important questions to ask yourself when considering a purchase. If you prefer larger wheels that make rolling over rougher terrain easier, go with a jogging stroller. Or maybe what you really need is something with all-terrain wheels so that no matter where life takes you—beach, mountains, or city streets—you’re ready! Whatever your needs may be, there’s sure to be a product designed just for them!

A baby carrier

New parents with two kids under two are often in need of time-saving parenting gadgets. One such device is a baby carrier. Baby carriers come in several forms, from classic soft wraps to structured carriers that can be worn on your back or front. Some are even meant for running and hiking. While they’re not a substitute for hands-on nurturing, a good baby carrier can help you get things done while keeping an eye on your little ones—and might just spare you some of that all-too-common parenting exhaustion and frustration! To find out which baby carrier is right for you and your kids, check out limited run baby carriers and helpful reviews on parenting forums.

Monitors with multiple screens

For parents of twins or multiples, having one device for every room can be a parenting life hack. When you’re up at night with one baby and don’t want to wake your other child, it’s easy enough to grab your smartphone or tablet and check in on them using just one device instead of two. A great monitor with multiple screens allows you to keep a close eye on both of your children without having to double up on devices in each room. Just make sure each display shows an identical view!


Babies and toddlers are often developing at breakneck speed, especially during their first few years. From crawling to talking to walking, parents can be kept very busy—and all that development means baby gates are needed to keep these little guys safe. In fact, baby gates help save lives! For example, a large family pet might be harmless to an adult but presents a huge danger to babies and toddlers if they were left unsupervised around it. And even if you don’t have a dog or cat, it only takes one second for your little one to make its way into places it shouldn’t go. That’s why having good baby gates is so helpful for any parent of multiples; gates are among life-hack products that can also keep your kids safe.


Though it’s not bad for kids to have screen time, if you’re a parent of multiples you’ll need some strategies for keeping everyone entertained. After all, even watching one child use an iPad can feel like work! To keep everyone happy while they entertain themselves (or—perhaps more likely—while you get stuff done), consider downloading educational apps that are age-appropriate and tablet-specific. Many learning apps are designed specifically for touchscreen interfaces and take full advantage of features like touch gestures and accelerometers, so they’re perfect options if your children are just starting on tablets

There are so many new parenting products on the market that are designed to make life easier for parents with multiple children. If you want help caring for your two under two, try out one of these gadgets and see if they work for you.

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