Spring Baby Dress

When it comes to dressing baby for spring, you’ll want to give them the options that will keep them warm and cozy in the early morning and evening hours but also allow them to enjoy playing outside during the days when the sun shines the brightest. With these 3 simple tips, you’ll have your baby’s spring wardrobe all figured out, so they can be ready to play no matter what the weather may bring!

Layering is key

Layering keeps babies warm and comfortable, allowing them to adjust their clothing as they get more or less active and as the spring weather switches from cool to warm. Layering is a great way to keep baby cozy while also feeling free to play around with different colors and textures. Keep in mind that babies feel the same temperature you do — they don’t need heavy outerwear during springtime if you don’t. Instead, it’s a good idea to stick with lightweight layers like light cotton shirts or hoodies from Be Mi Los Angeles. Your baby will love you for it! If your baby does get too hot, just remove a layer or two—they really aren’t difficult to re-dress!

Play with bold colors

Accessorize your baby with bold colors; it will make her outfit pop! A fun way to freshen up a baby’s wardrobe is to add some bold colors, such as red or pink. These colors can make any outfit a little more fun and will definitely be welcome during those warmer spring days. Try layering a light-colored romper with an animal print leotard or a colorful shirt underneath it. It may seem like an odd combination but think of it as putting together an outfit for yourself, just with tiny proportions! Play around with pattern combinations like stripes on stripes or plaid on plaid. You could even combine all three by layering a striped top over polka dots pants under a plaid romper!

Use accessories

Accessorizing is a great way to spice up a drab outfit without overloading your baby with layers of clothes. We recommend adding simple accessories like hats, headbands, and socks—ones that can come off when it gets warm. These items will compliment your baby’s spring wardrobe by providing extra color and style as well as protection from colder weather. Here are some pieces that will look great on babies from newborns through age 2:

  • Shoes are tricky on little ones because their feet grow quickly, but there are shoes out there for tiny feet. To avoid unnecessary expense and frustration, plan ahead by choosing shoes one size up so you don’t have to worry about buying new ones every month. Matching baby socks are also great to complete any look!
  • Hats are a particularly good option since they not only protect your baby’s head from harmful UV rays but also add variety to her outfit. Look for hats made of soft fabrics like cotton or wool, which won’t chafe delicate skin.
  • Hair bows. Make sure yours are made out of materials designed specifically for infants though; others could cause irritation when worn against baby’s skin.
  • Socks with a pop of color. The thickness should depend on the weather and the type of shoe.

If you’re still having trouble deciding which accessories would look best with your baby’s spring wardrobe, spend some time playing dress-up and get creative! Every parent knows how fun it is to dress baby differently each day — even better when they look cute doing it.

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