When Covid has taken the world, it turned everything around, brought tears everywhere- the sky was drizzling with sadness. And, it spread its poison to homes and schools. Everyone was imprisoned because of fear that they were carriers of the covid virus. Suddenly our freedom was taken away, and we were living in a society full of restrictions and rules.

It was depressing to think that this could be the end of life, but our freedom fighters became brave enough to stand up against the Covid virus. And now it’s 2022 and we are free. Well not totally. But at least we can now take our family on a holiday trip. That’s a way to show how thankful we are that we can now breathe fresh air, and see the sky.

Even though there is still a danger of being exposed to the covid virus, it’s nothing compared to what we had before. In fact, the COVID-19 virus has been eradicated from the majority of the world’s population. Everywhere is slowly getting back to normal – just with a little less laughter and a few more tears.

However, if you are still undecided on whether to take the trip with your family, here are the reasons why you should.

  • We need to travel because we finally have time for ourselves and our family. There used to be a lack of balance between work and leisure, but now we are more in tune with our well-being. We have spare time to travel with friends or family, and as a result, our lives are more enriched.
  • When we stay at home for too long, it can become suffocating to our creativity and independence. Taking a break from the routine allows us to do what we love while enjoying quality time with family members. This is because we might not be able to travel together due to our work schedule or other reasons ranging in severity from unfortunate circumstances all over the world.
  • To spend some time away from our computers or mobile phones. When the covid virus first appeared, it was reported that many people stopped spending time outside and stayed glued to their computers or other mobile devices. Traveling with family means we have to leave our gadgets at home and enjoy each other’s presence.
  • Travel is essential to building a strong tolerance level. It allows us time away from our daily schedules and responsibilities, giving everyone in the family an opportunity for bonding. In addition, it also allows loved ones who are nearby enough to feel like they aren’t just invisible during difficult times; having someone there worthwhile makes all aspects of life brighter again with love overflowing everywhere.
  • Never a dull moment when we are on a holiday trip with our family. We can create memories that will last forever. It is an opportunity to have fun and do things together as a family. Kids can experience hiking or playing at the beach, participate in sports like tennis or golf, and so much more.
  • The loss of a loved one during the covid virus outbreak can be painful for many people who stay at home. It can be one of the most painful memories for them since it is a reminder of what they lost. A holiday trip will give them a ray of hope as they plan to make new memories.

Ending Note

Since the pandemic, many things have changed, but we are still glad to be alive, thanks to our scientists who discovered COVID vaccines and front-line workers who bravely assisted us in our recovery.

We can now venture out more and we can enjoy life, and one of the things we should do is embark on a vacation. There is no other way to forget the pain and enjoy life than by planning a holiday trip with our family. To have a good time and relax with our loved ones because the amount of time we have left is precious. We can even document them and create YouTube videos for friends and family to see.

Our experiences from the pandemic have taught us that our family can be a source of strength and motivation through good times and bad. In light of this, we should plan an adventure-filled vacation for our families soon. Let’s show the world that the virus did not defeat us but instead gave us more reasons to live.

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