No city on Earth can compare to the incredible opposites you can experience while living in Vancouver. This city is simultaneously one of the largest tech hubs in the country while also being internationally known for its filming and art scene.  If you’re new to this incredible city and aren’t sure how to find your balance, here are the top things to try!

Build A Savings for Yourself

Vancouver is an incredibly expensive place to live. This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to afford, but it does mean that many people live paycheck to paycheck.  Although this isn’t an optimal way to live, many neglect their savings and end up in a financial crisis if they miss a couple of workdays.

Try to set aside at least ten percent of your income, if possible, and put it into a savings account.  This could eventually be used to look at homes for sale in Vancouver, or it could be an emergency fund if your car gets totaled, but having the money available to yourself is vital to surviving.

Get Away When You Need To

There’s no shame in needing to get away from the bustle of the city. However, this type of living can be exhausting, especially if you’re not used to living in areas this populated.  Traffic is messy, the city can feel loud if you’re not used to the site, and it can feel like you’re being suffocated with everything happening all of the time.  In this case, often, the best course of action is to get away for a weekend.  You can do this by slipping away to Whistler and enjoying the snowy peaks or taking a road trip down to Victoria to get in some shopping in the countless cute shops.

Enjoy the Simple Beauty in Life

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities because it sits on the cusp of the ocean while being surrounded by mountains.  The architecture is also gorgeous, lent the perfect man-made touch against all of this beautiful nature.  Getting to look past the rush of city life, and see that these calm and beautiful parts of Vancouver also exist, can help anyone acclimate to living in the city.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for More.

If you’re from a smaller town or are used to working for smaller businesses, it may feel like you have to accept whatever your job is and however much you’re paid.  In cities like Vancouver, people are far more capable of either finding better jobs or demanding better pay from their employers.  Companies have to be competitive to keep good employees because they know there are tons of other businesses in the city.  Make sure you know your value and that you’re being paid for it.

Vancouver is an incredible city; it can feel like a bubble apart from the rest of the world, but don’t let it make you feel isolated.  Taking the time to breathe, save your money, and ensure that you know your value, can all help you acclimate to life in the city.

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