Healthy and Toxin-Free Home

When we think about having a healthier lifestyle, the first thing that usually comes to mind is losing weight.

Sure, watching what we eat is an excellent way to be healthy, there is more to being healthy than that. You might also want to consider your surroundings.

That said, we have listed down eight smart tips to help you achieve a toxin-free home.

Purify Your Air

When taking care of your house’s health and wellness, you should be looking into indoor air quality. You’ll be surprised how many positive effects happen when you take the time to be aware of the air quality inside your house.

One of the best ways you can improve air quality is simply by having an air purifier in your house. If you have asthma, an air purifier can also help prevent flare-ups. If you have any respiratory issues, the air purifier can significantly improve your situation.

Aside from that, it also helps reduce the instances of a foul odor from sticking inside a room. It’s also helpful in getting rid of harmful chemicals that might be around your house or whichever room has the air purifier.

Use Glass Containers

Instead of using plastic to store your food, it might be better to opt for glass containers as much as possible. That’s because plastic might be able to seep into the food that you’re storing in it. Aside from that, it doesn’t help that plastic isn’t biodegradable, so if you throw them away, they’re likely going to pollute wherever they end up for a long time.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of every plastic container you have and throw them away. That’s also creating waste at the end of the day.

Instead, as much as possible, you should shift to glass containers if there comes a time when you’re able to replace your older boxes.

Practice CLAYGO

If you want to build a habit of keeping your house clean, Cleaning Exec House Cleaning NYC recommends that you practice CLAYGO or Clean as You Go.

If you see clutter, don’t leave it for later. Please pick it up and then throw it away. While you’re cooking, clean up the counter space as well as any cookware that you used.

Leaving the mess later will make it harder for you to come back and do those cleaning chores. That’s because you might already be in a state where you’re too lazy to clean.

When you walk around the house and find items where they aren’t supposed to be, you might as well put them back in place. This habit is what’s going to keep your house clean and clutter-free for a long time without you having to clean it.

Clean Up Your Cleaning Supplies

A lot of people overlook the cleanliness of their cleaning supplies. When you haven’t been cleaning the brush, or rag, or another cleaning tool that you use to clean the house, it’s not going to last long. At the same time, it’s not going to help you keep the house clean. It might even spread dirt all around the home.

Therefore, you should remember to clean your cleaning supplies as well every once in a while.

Use Essential Oils

Unless you’re allergic to certain essential oils, you can also opt to use essential oils to make your house smell incredible.

Instead of using the spray air fresheners, you can instead use a humidifier and drop in your essential oil of choice. Not only will it help humidify a room, but it will also help the room smell better.

Reduce Synthetic Fragrances

In the same line as the use of essential oils, you should reduce synthetic fragrances. There are all sorts of synthetic fragrances present in a variety of household items.

Your cosmetic items have them, cleaning solutions, bathing implements, and many more.

These synthetic fragrances introduce chemicals to your body that might harm you. Therefore, reducing synthetic fragrances might help you, especially when you have sensitive skin.

Filter Your Tap Water

Instead of buying bottled water, it’s better that you use filtered tap water. If you aren’t sure of your tap water’s safety, you can always purchase a water filter. That way, you can have water to drink without relying on bottled water.

Choose Non-Toxic Cookware

Instead of using non-stick Teflon pots or pans, you might want to look for cookware with innate non-stick qualities. Teflon cookware uses a chemical that manufacturers sprayed on them to get that non-stick quality. When it flakes off, it can end up in the food that you eat.

That’s why, even though it may be more effective, it’s better in the long run to purchase high-quality non-stick cookware.

Reduce Dust in Your Home

Dust is an irritant to everyone, but even more so for people with respiratory issues or allergies. That’s why it must be a priority in your house to reduce dust accumulation in your home.

One thing that will help reduce dust accumulation in your house is to keep your items adequately organized. Too much clutter is going to attract dust.

At the same time, regular cleaning also will help reduce dust in your house.

If you want to keep a healthy and toxin-free home, it will all come down to healthy cleaning habits. Sure, sticking to the routine can be challenging. That’s why you will need patience and perseverance. Therefore, apply the tips listed above to you can develop a habit of maintaining a toxin-free home.

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