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There are so many baby supplies out there that it can be overwhelming to create your shower registry or decide what you need from the store. This list of essentials for new moms will make it easier to narrow down your choices. Here, you’ll find out which infant products and baby clothes make the most sense for newborns. You’ll also discover which items will make a mother’s life easier!

1. A Versatile Diaper Bag

The diaper bag is a classic must-have for moms, but today’s satchels are far more stylish and functional than the last generation. Some of the best diaper bags are made to look like cute backpacks or totes with pockets in all the right places. While you’ll look like you’re carrying a fashionable bag, you’ll store your diapers and wipes with ease. You’ll also have room for your baby girl or baby boy clothes along with feeding supplies and a little extra space for small toys or pacifiers.

While you look for an attractive and practical bag for your trips with your baby, find one that is made with easy-care material. When your purse or backpack is simple to wipe down, you won’t have to worry about messes. Some also come with a foldable changing pad or a small, zippered case for holding your phone or keys.

Ask for a diaper bag that helps you store everything you need for your baby while doubling as a trendy purse. You’ll love how free you feel when you don’t have to carry more than one bag around with you. You’ll also like how you won’t have to switch your personal items back and forth from one purse to the next.

2. A Baby Travel System

Every mom needs a safe way to transport their child from one place to another, which is why most will ask for a car seat and a stroller. Experienced parents will tell you to shop for a baby travel system instead because it includes both items. Each set features a car seat and a matching base to place in your vehicle. When you’re ready to walk together, simply unhitch the seat from the base and snap it into the stroller.

Travel systems are great for new moms because they come in a variety of styles and colors to match every nursery or vehicle. If you’re adding these items to a baby registry and are interested in products that meet safety standards for children, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) can give you more information.

Before you buy, know that some travel systems are for small infants and will only fit your baby for a matter of months. Others will last you through your child’s first couple of years. Check the product information carefully for information on safety specifications and weight requirements so you know how long you can expect your car seat and stroller to last.

3. Cute, Functional Baby Clothes

Adorable, versatile baby boy and baby girl clothes are a must-have for new moms. Bodysuits are an excellent choice for newborns because it makes it easy to get dressed and change diapers. With short sleeve and long sleeve styles available in both newborn and 0-3M sizes, you are sure to find something cozy to wear for every occasion.

The best one-pieces come with carefully designed features like conveniently placed bottom snaps and an expandable lap shoulder neckline. These details ensure your baby feels comfortable, no matter if they’re playing or resting. You’ll also find colors and prints to make the day more fun or celebrate holidays and seasons. Whether you’re a mom who likes to use neutral colors to create a stylish outfit or you want your newborn to wear playful stripes or flowers, there is something for everyone.

Add pants or shorts to your baby bodysuit to create an outfit that works anytime. You will also find outfit sets for newborns that include a few matching tops and bottoms. With a combination of complementary colors and prints, you can dress your infant without thinking too much about it.

4. A Comfortable Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are a useful (and cozy!) way to hold your baby without needing to use your hands. With the right baby carrier, you can wash bottles or fold baby clothing while your infant feels secure next to you. Some infants will fall asleep in their carrier, which allows you to take a much-needed pause or catch up on some of your most important tasks. You can also use it to help calm your baby if you’re walking outdoors or socializing with friends.

There are many styles of baby carriers, so it helps to think about what you want out of your product. If you like the idea of something lightweight and comfortable for newborns, a wrap helps to mimic the feeling of being in the womb. Made with stretchy material, many moms like them because they hardly feel like they’re wearing anything.

For something more structured, choose a carrier that fits like a backpack. While it will help you distribute your baby’s weight more evenly across your body, you may also find it convenient for carrying a larger infant. Parent favorites include carriers that are soft and let air circulate so they can use them on warmer days. If you’re looking for a product that more than one parent can wear, choose a carrier with a universal fit.

5. Soft Sleep Swaddles

Swaddle blankets will help keep your baby feeling secure and peaceful in their bassinet or crib. It’s common not to know which swaddles will be best for your newborn. After all, every baby is different. The best thing to do is to put a couple of different products on your baby registry. Cotton swaddle blankets can be folded into different styles depending on your newborn’s preferences.

Some sleep swaddles come pre-folded to make it simple to bundle your baby. Others look more like a sleep sack and are a combination of a traditional swaddle and a regular blanket. If your baby is born in spring or summer, choose swaddling blankets made of lighter cotton material. In fall and winter, you can shop for thicker cotton fabric.

Swaddles come in neutral colors like cream and white. You can also find blankets and sleep sacks made especially for baby girls or baby boys. Dreamy prints featuring stars or clouds will help set the mood for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Getting What You Need for Your Baby

These must-haves for new moms are sure to make life easier. While your baby will enjoy cozier days and better sleep, you will also find it simpler to transport your baby and keep them peaceful at home. Put some of these essentials on your baby shower registry or shop for your favorites to help get ready for your newborn. No matter how you discover these new products, you’ll love how they help keep your child comfortable and secure.

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