Wedding Gifts for Couples

If the couple you know hasn’t specified any particular gifts they want on their wedding day, you may be wondering how to stand out with your present. Today, we’re taking a look at some unique wedding gifts for couples that will show how much you care.


Giving your friends an experience that they’re not likely to forget any time soon is a great way to ensure they associate you with one of the best gifts they’ve received.

Starting off their marriage with a great time can only be an omen of good luck, and with how popular this idea is becoming, there are countless options to choose from. You can personalise your gift to the couple in question.

Adventurous travelling types? Consider camping experiences, hot air balloon trips, and hiking treks with great views. Keen chefs? There is a huge variety of cooking courses and classes for anyone interested in sharpening their culinary skills. Does the couple you know love the finer things in life? Perhaps a weekend break at a luxury hotel is the type of gift they’d most like to receive.

All in all, you will leave the couple feeling very special indeed if you’re bringing a gift like this to the event.


Giving your friends a gift in the build-up to their wedding day is a great way of showing your support for their union, and has the double-benefit of getting the nerves of gift-giving out of the way early.

Accessories that the couple can wear on the big day will keep you close to them as a loved one, as well as adding huge sentimental value to the gifts themselves. Antique jewellery is where you want to look for this kind of gift. Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue; antique jewellery is a fantastic way of fulfilling the first in this list.

For brides, there are pearl earrings, delicate necklaces, and dainty bracelets that can compliment their engagement rings and wedding bands. Meanwhile, grooms can elevate their wedding-day aesthetic through the use of cufflinks, tie pins, and lapel brooches that will take them from being a potentially drab future hubby to a Gatsby-esque style icon whose wedding outfit will go down in the history books.

Gifts for the Home

If experiences and accessories aren’t the right direction for you, consider gifts for the home. Most couples today have lived together for some period of time before tying the knot, and so large home appliances that were popular gifts of the past are no longer necessary.

Instead, opt for something luxurious that your friends wouldn’t be likely to buy for themselves. This is where allll the personalisation choices come out of the woodworks and you can find just about any item in a ‘mr’ and ‘mrs’ set. Glassware and barware are avenues to explore if the couple you know loves hosting. A set of etched glass tumblers, a cocktail-making set, or a home bar trolley are gifts that will see lots of use over the years.

Outside of entertainment, a good gift for couples that you want to impress can be found in thinks like luxury linens. A really great set of bedsheets can last a lifetime, and the happy couple will appreciate the comfortable nights after the stresses of planning a wedding.


One final area to explore when you’re finding unique wedding gifts is artwork. This is quite an open-ended option, meaning there’s something for absolutely everyone. If the couple you know are citizens of the world, you can gift them a personalised map showing their varied travels together.

Customised portraits of the new spouses are easily found online and can be as grand or toned-down as you want. Find an artist whose style suits your friends, and see what you can do about getting their likeness memorialised. Pet portraits are a great choice for a wedding gift as well, especially since most young couples with pets hold them to a huge level of importance!

A recent trend that’s taking weddings by storm is having an artist as a form of entertainment at the wedding reception itself. This way, the artist can observe the couple’s first dance and memorialise the moment then and there. This gift idea may take some co-ordination with couple in terms of planning, but it’s still a meaningful gift that can hang over the mantle for years to come.

If this list didn’t inspire you in terms of gift-giving for weddings, take a good look at the couple and see what interests you share. Giving a gift that will be appreciated and loved feels great -and we’re sure that the couple you know would love any of these gift ideas! Which is your favourite?

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