Ottawa, being the capital of Canada, the biggest country in North America, has various opportunities and activities. The city of Ottawa takes great pride in the eateries and restaurants that can be found in and on the outskirts of the city. Being that almost half the city population is under 35 years old, you know this must be true.

Statistically speaking, younger people are much more difficult to please than those of the older generation. Many people visiting Ottawa for the first time may not know where to look to find great food; luckily, there is a list of fantastic restaurants you can find in Ottawa. 

Benny’s Bistro 

Benny’s Bistro is most commonly known for its simple original french cuisine. Benny’s makes classic french meals at a price that won’t burn a hole in your wallet. If you are looking for something affordable, something french, and something good, Benny’s is the place to be. 


Run by renowned chefs Matthew Carmichael and Jordan Holley, Riviera is truly a dining space that draws the crowd. Riviera is known for more of an adventurous play on french cuisine. It takes original french dishes and puts its riviera spin on them. Plus, The bartender there is nationally recognized and locally loved. 


Lunchtime masterpieces are what Edgar is most commonly known for. It’s quiet locations and locally known chef allow this lunchtime spot for a chill afternoon with fine dining. Also, Edgar has terrific baked goods and other dishes. 


Most of the famous restaurants in Ottawa are french because of the city’s location and history, but Rangoon happens to be the only Burmese restaurant in the city. Rangoon is most famous for its use of unique spices. 


Another nice change of pace from the typical french restaurant is Alice serving up unique Italian dishes. But, get this, it is all vegan. Chef Briana Kim is getting creative with the way she presents her new Italian dishes. It is not just veggie burgers and salad at Alice. If you are looking for a unique experience and healthy food, Alice is most definitely the place to be. 

Meat Press 

Meat Press is a unique idea that lead chef and owner Étienne Cuerrier had come up with. They take locally sourced meats and put them through an intense curing process, so the meat becomes incredibly tender and ready. 

To Summarize, when living in, or visiting, Ottawa, there can be many neat attractions that you may not find in other cities. When you think of capital cities, you often think of old historic buildings with a lot of deep meaning. Some of these are in Ottawa, but Ottawa is one of the most youthful capital cities due to the population being so young. 

The youthfulness the city provides leads to better food and more neat and youthful small sights and activities. Also, there are great Ottawa homes for sale if you are a young person looking for a start in a new youthful environment.

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