Winter Fashion

This year has been a swirling and confusing mess, and for once, fashion hasn’t been able to be on our minds.  Winter is coming, though, and with it comes the opportunity to do more with clothes.  Whether you’re dressing up for a Christmas light tour while looking at Whistler homes for sale, or you’re deciding what to wear in Christmas pics with your household, here are the top fashion dos and don’ts in the winter of 2020 leading into 2021!

Masks Meshing In

2020 is a year that’s been marked by covers.  Everyone owns multiples, hanging from rearview mirrors, stashed away in purses, and tucked into back pockets.  This winter, there’s a push to try and find ways to make these essential pieces of fabric work with our style.  Some are creating scarves with built-in mask straps, while others are pushing towards sweater and mask sets that match while also protecting.  For kids, there are even masks decorated with snowflakes or Rudolph’s noses to allow a festive touch!

Dramatic Puff Sleeves

A year marked by people having to stay in has allowed fashion to go back by ages and bring through old and fun designs.  Puff sleeves are back in full glory, offering a look at romance and fun while also giving wearers extra warmth and comfort.  These sleeves are best when paired with a nice vest or shawl to allow their shape to come through.  If you’re not yet ready for this look, you can replicate it with sweaters with tight wrist bands that will let some of the silhouettes come through.

Form Fitting Dresses

If we can’t show off our gorgeous faces, it only makes sense that we’d want to show off our bodies.  Form-fitting dresses that show off curves have come back into fashion, often paired with a puffy sleeve or large fluffy scarf to counter the sleek silhouette.  The most popular colors for this fashion are dark heather grays and black.  This type of dress is in high demand and can be a staple for any wardrobe.

Fur Tufts

Although these go in and out of fashion every five years, it’s fun to see that it’s back in style!  These fur tufts, adorning sleeves, hoods, boots, and hats, add the appearance of warmth while offering a pleasing and soft sensation for the wearer.  This year calls for medium brown faux fur, avoiding any bright colors or white or black, for a more natural look.  The consensus is still against hair right now, so make sure to get clothes with only faux fur attached!

Detailed Layers

Layers are here to stay, and not just for warmth!  From jackets with far too many pockets to slouchy sweaters that look like random fabric draped over the models’ shoulders, layers and texture are in hot demand.  This look can be recreated with oversized shawls and sweaters and can be paired with either the form-fitting dress or dramatic puff sleeves for an effortless vintage look.  Much like the other pieces mentioned here, more popular brands are leaning towards darker and muted colors in these layers.

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