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I am a first-time 26 year old American Mother, newlywed to an Israeli man, Business Woman & I am pursuing my PhD in Psychology, plus So Much More. My crazy beautiful life can be humorous, enduring, and sometimes maddening. All in all, I take it day by day and try to be as perfect at everything with an understanding that it won’t always happen. Follow me on my journey to perfecting A Mommy Lifestyle.


I created this blog to not only have an outlet for myself to help and inspire other mommies but for mommies to help and inspire each other. My goal is to create a place where mommies all over the world can submit content as a guest post. Not all mommies have the time to have their own blog and this is a place where they can still contribute their own life expereinces, talents, advice, and support to other mommies. 


Who I am, Where I come from, and Where I am going!

My father is a barbaric Israeli that melts your heart with his dark skin, crystal blue eyes and funny accent. He is loud and stubborn with one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen.

My Mother (the birth mom) has more tattoos than hair on her head. From motorcycles to her eclectic personality, I never know what is next. Although she is one of the toughest chicks I know. She taught me a very important lesson, never judge anyone until you know. She battled with her addictions for years and only recently can I say that we finally have mother/daughter relationship.

My Mother (who raised me) is a poised, elegant lady that is confident and strong in many ways. She is a go-getter and she succeeds. I never realized how much she taught me until I got married and bought my first home. As you can see from that threesome, that I probably should have turned out a mess (sometimes I am). Lucky for us all, I took the best out of them and made a super-hybrid human.  

I have to say it has taken time, and still a few tweaks here and there, to truly appreciate them for the good they are. I am thankful for what they gave me and know that my children will be lucky to have their influences.

My husband of 2 years on the other hand, grew up in a traditional Jewish Israeli home. He was born in Jerusalem, his parents still married after forever. He speaks to every family member on a daily basis even across the world. Needless to say, I don’t understand those relationships. I admire them and sometimes wish I had them but at the same time, my husband is the only one I might want to talk to that much. :)

He looks at me and my family’s dynamics like we are from another planet. He knows that if they were different, I wouldn’t be who I am and he wouldn’t be so in love.

I got the nick name crazy beautiful growing up. I was a disturbed innocent child looking for stability in all the wrong places. After all the mistakes I made, I learned to live, love, laugh, work hard, cry, run away, come back and that it never ends.

Now that I feel I can handle anything, I am tackling the biggest challenge of having my own children. I am scared out of my mind!


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