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Thursday, December 06, 2012 10:13AM
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Here are some COOL STUFF for you & baby! 



Crash-Course Parenting Flash Cards

 Child rearing has a language all its own, and mastering parenting vocabulary can be a daunting task. If you or someone you know is new to the baby scene, it’s likely you’re perplexed by concepts such as co-sleeping, playdates, and poo finger. With the humor and classic educational techniques of Parenting Flashcards, you’ll learn to speak parent in no time! knockknockstuff.com $10.


Door Bumper

    Babies’ curiosity about doors, or a friendly chasing game between bigger children can have painful consequences. protect those precious fingers from getting slammed or keep doors open for ease of supervision with our clever door bumper.  Armommy.com $12.00 


Body Expanders

S -t-r-e-t-c-h the lifespan of more of baby's one-piece outfits! Unlike others, our onesie extender set works with Carter's®, GAP®, Old Navy®, and many other popular brands. You get more, too: includes two each of five different snap styles. Imported. Designed by OneStepAhead!   $14.95 


Friday, October 12, 2012 7:57PM
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These are a few of my favorite things:


  • ALL Baby Detergent is the best smelling baby smell ever. I literally smell each piece of her clothes as I fold them after they are laundered.


  • Thebump.com: best community of mommies and mommies-to-be. If you are expecting get the app. All you middle of the night questions and worries will be answered by women who are going through the same exact thing. And they are all up in the middle of the night looking at the app too! ;) 


  • Babycenter.com: is the best information hot spot for concenption, pregnancy and beyond! There is an app for this too! 



  • Laughing so hard at funny situations that you cant stop. {my husband is going to kill me for this} For example: I was lying with the baby under her jungle gym the other day when I heard my husband make a loud noise. I look over and he picked up dog throw up with his hand. We have a dark brown shabby carpet and the dog must have throw up a small amount on our white tile. My husband thought it was just fuzz from the carpet and went to pick it up. Well when he did the mushy texture got all over his hands. haha. I was laughing so hard that the baby started laughing because I was laughing and the more my husband got mad the funnier it was. Then later that evening I was playing fetch with the dog {yes, in the house we have a lot of space and the ball is small and so is the dog.} while my husband was feeding the baby. I was being lazy about it and was throwing the ball in every direction. I wasnt paying attention and I threw the ball and it bounced right off my husbands head. haha. I am laughing so hard just typing this it was truly a "you had to be there," kinda of situation. All-in-all these happen everyday and you need to just laugh and remember these moments because they will make you smile when you think of them again. Its always good to have these moments packed in a mindbox for later use.


  • Pinterest.com: There are no words I simply can not live without it. It is genius. I never need to buy another magazine as long as I live. This is literally like reading your favorite magazines and then folding over the corners of articles you want to read later.{you know you all do this}. But this way its free and you really are looking at awesome pictures and discovering things you never would have otherwise! Plus while I was prego {and even now} it helps me when I cant sleep! 


  • Waking up early! : yes, I know what your thinking but seriously, do it once this week and see how much better you feel and your day will go. The smell of the morning mist on the grass, as the sun is peaking in through window. Go for a walk, its still quite out and butterflies are everywhere. Especially right now as fall is here and the trees are changing colors and the weather is just right. :) 


  • My babies smiles in the morning: she recognizes me and her daddy and she smiles so big that you cant help but be happy.


  • Being a Baby Stylist: I love getting my baby all dolled up. My favorite brands are Ralph Lauren for when we need to be extra cute and Carter's for all the cute baby comfy clothes {both can be found in outlets too}! By far both are the best choices. I do add in a few simple pieces from target and babies r us. I also make my own headbands and bows. Remember, babies grow fast so dont over do it with the clothes in one size! its a waste of money, time and you will be bummed she only wore it once.


  • Photoshoots: I am being a professional photographer. I was lucky enough to be able to purchase an amazing Nikon camera. It stays out on our kitchen counter and we make it a point to take it with us everywhere {although it is huge and heavy}. I spend time everyday taking pictures of my life and especially the baby. I am thinking about taking classes at our community college. 

More to come! 


Secret Obsession! 

Sunday, August 12, 2012 12:54PM
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So I am kinda finding the idea of my life revolving around poopy diapers hilarious. My daughter is now 6 weeks + old and her poopy diapers have slowed down a lot. She is have a dirty diaper every 24-48 hours. Now I did my research and it is normal for her poops to slow down after the first month as her stomach is still adjusting. I do find on days where its reaching the 48 hours mark she is much more fussy and cant stay asleep for long. {WARNING TMI} Then we get this explosion of wet farts in her diaper. Luckly I know when she goes so I can change her diaper right away and she isnt sitting in it getting diaper rash. But seriously I dotn leave the house on the days we know we will have an explosion. Not only that but the newborn diapers are too small on her and hte #1 size diapers are to big so either way she leaks out of them which makes for a fun day of poopy laundry. EEEWWW. Here is what our first explosion was like...


We got home and took baby out of car seat for a sweet suprise of poop explosion! As if the poop was magically multiplying, growing legs and crawling all over her body! Eeeeeewwwwww smelly and sticky and runny! It got everywhere... The walls had to get wiped. As I was trying to take of her clothes without rubbing it in anywhere else I noticed that it was on her hand and this baby loves to put her hands in her mouth. I was terrified. As if things just started moving in slow motion like in the movies when something bad was about to happen. Thank goodness I caught her in time. Yuck that would have been terrible. I was already trying to keep myself from throwing up on her. I must have used an entire package of wipes before I filled her tub. Once the water was finally full she pee'd in it {of course, I have started filling the sink up with warm water and sticking her feet in it so it makes her pee before she goes into the real tub}. I had to drain it out and refill. Not 20 minutes later another poopy diaper. I had to change her clothes 3 times.


First Days Home with Baby! 

Monday, May 14, 2012 2:39PM
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Last night I took a first time mom's breastfeeding class. I have to tell you that it was so worth it! I never thought that something that is supposed to be the most natural process can be so complicated.

As about 20 of us were leaving, we got on the elevator and after the doors closed we heard loud scary noises. I could just imagine an elevator filled with pregnant women about to give birth getting stuck. One's water would break another would be dying to pee, another hungry! haha and the husbands were there too. I would have felt terrible for those men. ;) I should sell this Idea to a sitcom.