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Wednesday, October 30, 2013 2:05PM
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Gymboree Play & Music -Henderson NV location 







These classes are the best thing I can do for my child! Ellyah has been going to classes since she was 12 months old. I wish I had started earlier. I see little babies in classes learning social skills, developing motor skills and communication much earlier than Ellyah did on her own at home. If you child is mostly at home this is also a great time for mom to get out and let the child play with other kids. The class instructors are some of the most energetic, sweet people I have met. They really try to get to know your child and they are so loving. We just had our first Halloween Pumpkin Patch Party at Gymboryee {Pictured Above} and it was so fun seeing all the kids big and small dressed up and participating. 


My daughter knows all the songs and can sing them along with me. There is even a song that helps kids learn to "Clean-Up" and it works when we are at home. I will start singing it and sure enough she starts to collect her toys. I have noticed such a difference and make it a point to tell everyone I know how beneficial these classes are for any age. 


If your a Las Vegas/Henderson Local like I am then come hang with us at:

1000 N Green Valley Pkwy

 Suite 530 

Henderson,Nevada 89074
(702) 719-6222


They have a great flexible schedule, classes for all different ages, and open play everyone! 

Monday, August 19, 2013 2:40PM
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Ellyah Turns One! 




We had a mini photoshoot with her eating her first cake! :) 

a definite must do! 











Check out pictures from her amazing RAINBOW BIRTHDAY PARTY! 

Tuesday, August 06, 2013 2:15PM
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Ellyah Turns One!


What an amazing year it has been and how proud a parent becomes knowing that they made this creature that they are the reason she is growing up to be so amazing. 


I first decided to do a birthday party at home and thought that a Rainbow Theme would be easy. The colors would be great for a baby and little kids. The theme is fun for boys and girls and well thats how it started. I didnt realize that it would take 6 colors of everything I did to create the decor and the food. ;). It was well worth it! 


I hope that you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed the whole thing! ;) 






Cut construction paper and hang from the ceiling. EASY.FAST.CHEAP


We even decorated our Moose {or Buck IDK}



I used paint chips for the hearts as rain drops and quilt batting for the cloud, and streamers for the stuffing at the bottom.




Grub Table.....Everything was made with rainbow colors. 






Hung ballons with long ribbon at the entrance so that little kids would have fun walking through them. 



Photo booth made from dollar store table cloths in all the colors of the rainbow. Hubby thread a strong string through them and we hung them from our curtain rods. 


I made props for everyone to use in the photo booth. All the pics that were taken were given to the guests as gifts.



The dessert table! ;)



Our amazing cake made by Sweet Creations by Sophie! It even had a ranibow filling! YUMMY! 




Rainbow Krispy Treats! 



Candy Covered Popcorn in Rainbow! 




Rainbow Candy Bar





Toddler Bounce Hosue......It even had a ball pit at the end of it! 


Dorothy stoped by to done face painting, ballon animals, and magic.....and thats our dog louie. Kinda of ironic! 






I think she enjoyed! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013 2:04AM
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What Celebrity Mommies think about Being First Time Mommies!














Source for all photos

Tuesday, May 07, 2013 5:49PM
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Its time to find out about new ways to send those who just had a baby a gift. I know that all I wanted in the hospital was a nice home-cooked meal made of all my favorite comfort foods. The Meal Stork is exactly that gift. This company literally prepares and delivers delicious meals to a family that is so busy enjoying their new addition and has no time to worry about eating, let alone cooking. Forget those flowers and spend your money on something the family actually needs. It is an age-old tradition to make a family that just had a baby a home cooked meal. Some of us don't always have to luxury of living close to our loved ones or even having time ourselves to prepare meals. 



These meals are around the same price as a traditional flower arrangement and arrive within 1-3 days of ordering. This makes it perfect for those that want to send something right away to a hospital and/or home. What is even sweeter is that you can leave a personal message with the delivery that makes this the ultimate gift. :) 


These meals can be saved so that the family does'nt have to eat them right always and the smallest order feeds 4-6 people. The menu constantly changes so that you can always send great meals without redundancy. The food is prepared to meet high quality taste with the intentions of making you feel warm and fuzzy after such a joyous and traumatic experience. 



The company was founded by David Stroke who has 4 boys himself. He definitely knows how difficult it can be when you have a newborn. This gift is not only practical, but its affordable and very simple! 


Check out all they have to offer on their website The Meal Stork. Enter AML10 at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase. :) 


Again, the main things about my labor an delivery were the joy of my beautiful baby girl and the amazing foods I received thereafter.