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Wednesday, October 30, 2013 2:05PM
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Gymboree Play & Music -Henderson NV location 







These classes are the best thing I can do for my child! Ellyah has been going to classes since she was 12 months old. I wish I had started earlier. I see little babies in classes learning social skills, developing motor skills and communication much earlier than Ellyah did on her own at home. If you child is mostly at home this is also a great time for mom to get out and let the child play with other kids. The class instructors are some of the most energetic, sweet people I have met. They really try to get to know your child and they are so loving. We just had our first Halloween Pumpkin Patch Party at Gymboryee {Pictured Above} and it was so fun seeing all the kids big and small dressed up and participating. 


My daughter knows all the songs and can sing them along with me. There is even a song that helps kids learn to "Clean-Up" and it works when we are at home. I will start singing it and sure enough she starts to collect her toys. I have noticed such a difference and make it a point to tell everyone I know how beneficial these classes are for any age. 


If your a Las Vegas/Henderson Local like I am then come hang with us at:

1000 N Green Valley Pkwy

 Suite 530 

Henderson,Nevada 89074
(702) 719-6222


They have a great flexible schedule, classes for all different ages, and open play everyone! 

Tuesday, August 06, 2013 2:15PM
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Ellyah Turns One!


What an amazing year it has been and how proud a parent becomes knowing that they made this creature that they are the reason she is growing up to be so amazing. 


I first decided to do a birthday party at home and thought that a Rainbow Theme would be easy. The colors would be great for a baby and little kids. The theme is fun for boys and girls and well thats how it started. I didnt realize that it would take 6 colors of everything I did to create the decor and the food. ;). It was well worth it! 


I hope that you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed the whole thing! ;) 






Cut construction paper and hang from the ceiling. EASY.FAST.CHEAP


We even decorated our Moose {or Buck IDK}



I used paint chips for the hearts as rain drops and quilt batting for the cloud, and streamers for the stuffing at the bottom.




Grub Table.....Everything was made with rainbow colors. 






Hung ballons with long ribbon at the entrance so that little kids would have fun walking through them. 



Photo booth made from dollar store table cloths in all the colors of the rainbow. Hubby thread a strong string through them and we hung them from our curtain rods. 


I made props for everyone to use in the photo booth. All the pics that were taken were given to the guests as gifts.



The dessert table! ;)



Our amazing cake made by Sweet Creations by Sophie! It even had a ranibow filling! YUMMY! 




Rainbow Krispy Treats! 



Candy Covered Popcorn in Rainbow! 




Rainbow Candy Bar





Toddler Bounce Hosue......It even had a ball pit at the end of it! 


Dorothy stoped by to done face painting, ballon animals, and magic.....and thats our dog louie. Kinda of ironic! 






I think she enjoyed! 

Monday, July 01, 2013 10:54AM
By -Tori Kulling
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Instilling Values in Children: When and What to Teach Your Kids

Many important lifelong skills are learned during childhood. A child’s brain is like a sponge, absorbing all of the information around them. As a parent, there is a lot you have to teach your child in such a short period of time; from language and motor skills to social behavior and pre-academic skills for school. There are a large amount of diverse families out there with various cultural backgrounds, histories, and traditions, who place importance on a variety of skills and abilities. However, one thing stays the same across the board: teaching your children values.

The specific values you teach your child may differ widely between families, but every parent aims to instill healthy, positive principles in their children. When do you teach values? Which values do you focus on? How do you get them to listen? We’re here to help you find some clarity in these gray areas.

Deciding Which Values to Start With:

Values are the foundation of our actions, behavior, and beliefs. They are what you see as important in your life, whether that is family, church, education, or money. Values are also characteristics you deem as essential; such as honesty, compassion, kindness, loyalty, courage, strength, and respect.

Learning from Example:

You have a lot of competition when teaching values to your children. Unfortunately, television and video games are a lot more entertaining than parents. However, you have the advantage in that your children will want to copy your behavior and spend a lot of time observing you. It is important that as a parent, you identify the values you think are necessary before your child’s perception gets clouded. If you set those morals straight before they are influenced by an outside source, your child is more likely to find peers who share similar values. Every day is a chance to reinforce such values by being consistent, and leading through example. 


Most certainly, you will want to teach your child about responsibility. The idea of responsibility encourages children to want to be independent and accountable for themselves and their belongings. By assigning age-appropriate chores (even to the little ones,) you are allowing your child to be in charge of a specific task. Reward behavior to encourage your children that being responsible for their actions, like asking for permission, or keeping a shirt clean all day long, is the right way to act. Reading children's books or watching movies with efficient characters will result in a positive desire to be the same way. Encourage your children to make daily decisions, like making a healthy snack choice for lunch or deciding what clothes they will wear. It is up to you to set a good example of responsibility by being on time and following through with promises.


Shaping an Honest Child:

Another value you will be happy to have instilled in your child by the time they’re a teenager is honesty. Honesty is not fully understood by a child until they are six years old, but you can expose them to truth-telling before this age. As a way of encouraging honesty, you must be supportive and available to your child. Yes, they will still get in trouble for breaking the lamp, or coloring on the walls, but by thanking them for their honesty and responding calmly, you teach them that no matter what, honesty is the best policy. Teach your child why it is important to be honest through imaginative play or even create a story of learning from mistake with dolls or action figures.

Raising Respectful and Kind Children:

Respect doesn’t only mean obeying authority. It means being polite by using manners, appreciating other people’s property, bodies, and opinions, and treating others the way you want to be treated. Respect further promotes not talking back or becoming bullies, feeling empathy, and taking care of their friends’ belongings. Teach your child to have respect for their own belongings as well, by encouraging them to keep their room clean with organizers and toy chests that make the task easy. Communication is important in teaching respect and kindness. Encourage your child to help your neighbors or their grandparents. Show them how happy it makes you or the person they are helping when your child is kind and respectful. Praise them and appreciate when they are using their manners, following house rules, and being kind to their siblings or pet.

If you can instill the above mentioned and preferred values in your children before they are influenced with contradicting morals, you are on your way to having an independent, happy, and well-rounded child. Start young and try to find ways to instill the values you want to teach them every single day. Don’t lecture, encourage conversation. And most importantly, praise and reward the positive to show your child how happy that behavior makes everyone.


Tori Kulling is a Presbyterian mother, who works at the children’s hospital in her hometown in Indiana. She enjoys biking with her husband and two twin sons, and often paints landscapes for all of her friends and family. Tori believes that everyone can find a little inspiration every single day.

Thursday, May 16, 2013 2:04AM
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What Celebrity Mommies think about Being First Time Mommies!














Source for all photos

Monday, April 15, 2013 10:23AM
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Look at how sweet and precious these kids are! 

I am so excited to be a part of everyones life & family! Thanks for sharing! 

If you are also interested in having your child featured @AML please email us at amommylifestyle@yahoo.com!


SOOn TO Be a FAshionista! 



What a lil' G! 








What a Face! 








OK How Awesome is that attachement for the Car? LOL so cute brotherly LOVe! 







MJ Soulmate! ;) 




Beginning of PhotoShoot



End of PhotoShoot.....   ;) Those cheeks!