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Wednesday, October 23, 2013 12:06PM
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012 9:13AM
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Here is Halloween at my home. 

Its a combination of Last Year's amazing Halloween Party we had and this year's elegant decor. { I have to admit this year I am as into halloween as last year with a newborn and all} ;) 



I googled old pictures of families and printed them in black and white and framed them in Dollar Store Frames. How Creepy do they look? 






Last Year! ...




Spooky Snacks! 



FUN CUPCAKES!!!! Monsters & Mummies Oh My! 





Take Red food coloring and some plastic body parts in a glass jar & Always use dry ice at a halloween party the effect is just awesome and creepy! 


Sorry for the blurry picture Iphones dont always take great pics. But how cool is taking Manikin Head {used in Beauty Schools} and making them scary. I used Black Lights behind the couch that was covered in white sheets so that they glowed. 



Bought Cheesecloth {it glows in the black light too} at walmart for a couple bucks and added fake bloody hands to it. I used white streamers with fake blood and made halloween curtains out of them! 



So Cheers to my favorite holiday & have a safe & HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 

{P.S. my first halloween dressing up my baby and it is the best one ever!}