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Thursday, January 03, 2013 8:40AM
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A Charity Birthday! 

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Having a birthday is the best day of the year. But sometimes that last thing a kid needs is more junk. What about having your guests do something charitable on behalf of your child. Get the kids involved and see how much they will love the idea. 

Here are a few awesome charities that make it easy and fun! 


HalfTheSky.org- Aid orphanes children in China

HappyDoll.Org- Each child at your party will recieve a doll to decorate for a needy child. You will also be able to track their travels. $25.00 for the kit.

KidsCaring4Kids.org- An 11 yr. old started this organizatione that helps childs in Africa with AIDS. 

MilkandBookies.org- Kids get to select and inscribe nooks to donate to needy children. $30.00

RyansWell.ca- Helps bring safe water and imporved sanitation to developing worlds.