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Friday, April 26, 2013 2:16PM
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Feel like there are too many Hot woman around? Wanna be one of them? 


I know that every women, whether they will admit it or not, has looked another girl up and down with envy for their hair, body, wardrobe ect. We have all done it. But I think we more wish we could be the woman that other women look at and think, "I want to be that skinny."


Want to learn how to really look and feel your best. Its time for you to understand and accept that those women you may envy are not on some super awesome fad diet that you can just start yourself. Those women have a lifestyle that includes making the choice to eat healthy and exercise. There is no magic potion or secret society it is just simply your decision to live the lifestyle needed to look and feel that way. This again, is a choice you have to make every single day. This I promise you will be the miracle you have been praying for. Its actually very simple. 

Since giving birth I never thought I would make it to a day that I can honestly say I look my body and the way I dress better than I ever have before. When I thought to myself, "I look fat", I felt like a fat ass. When I would say it out loud to others then others began to think to themselves she is fat. The more negative things I would think and say to myself and others the more those were the thoughts roaming around my enviornment.


So I decided that thoughts have power and it was time to use that power for the positive. I began to change my lifestyle. Soon enough I started to think "I am getting skinner." Then others began to comment on how amazing I was looking. Since this epiphany of now I feel great all the time, I never allow myself to put myself down in my head or out loud.


Here is how I changed my lifestyle. First credit has to go the birth of my daughter. She inspires me everyday to become a better person that she can use as a role model. I had felt very lonely and misguided after giving birth. I had this pouch that would not go away and these things called hips. I had never had these problems before. Granted, I had some body issues but now I had to add to new annoying ones to the list. I felt overwhelmed as if nothing I ever do will get me to be where I wanted to be, the girl everyone else envies.


My mother came to visit and made me watch stupid Dr. Oz. Of course my eyes rolled to the back of my head as she told me about this amazing discovery that we all were part of this epidemic of "Wheat Bellies". What is that you ask? This idea that we are killing ourselves with obesity and big guts due to the over use of white and wheat flour made foods. Yes, this includes anything whole wheat. So come to find out the only we can have is Gluten Free products. I thought to myself "ya right, how in the world is that possible." So I indulged her and watched and then didnt think about it again. Before she left she made me promise her that I would also watch a documentary on Netflix called "Hungry for Change". I told her I would even thought I never really planned to.


A few weeks later I was at home alone bored waiting for the baby to wake-up from her nap {yes, I actually had nothing to do at the moment}. Here I got searching through netflix for something to watch and I see this "Hunger for Change" crap. Somehow I convinced myself to press play. 5 minutes into it I was mesmerized. Granted, the way these things are produced is meant to brain wash the hell our of you, but it all made so much sense. It was this idea that its not about all these fad diets. It was about doing little things in steps to change your lifestyle so that eventually you arent on a diet you just are a healthy person.


After this I promised to do two things to start changing my lifestyle.


  • Workout three times a week. Do anything, take a long walk, play tennis, do a fitness class, hike, ect.
  • Stop Eating anything with Gluten. At first I knew it would be hard to find anything that was gluten free. Then I was surprised. Trader Joes is my savior.
  • Start Juicing. Once a day I would drink a veggie and fruit concoction that would probably be disgusting.


Ok so I had my starting changes that I would begin to do. Here is how it went. At first the working out was not a problem. I enjoy physical activity. Finding time to do it is a totally different story. I have a 10 month old, a business, friends, family, a home to manage, a husband and well sometimes I get to take care of myself too. I had made a promise and even if that meant working out three days in a row, or doing it in the middle of the night that is what I did. {Breaking a promise to yourself is just as bad as to someone else}. I tried to get the working out, out of the way at the begining of the week so that I wouldnt be stressed to squeeze fitness into my schedule. Also that meant that any extra activities I did was a bonus. ;) 

Next thing I did was stop eating gluten. Anything that said gluten free on the box I ate. I also found that there is pretty much a substitution for everything you can think of that is gluten free. I had brown rice pasta, gluten free breads, rice cakes, and found an awesome recipe for a gluten free flour mix. Can be used to substitute for any other recipe that includes white or wheat flour. The texture of the food might change due to gluten free but it will most likely taste the same if not better. So this meant no cereals, breads, pasta, cake, cookies, pretty much anything that was made with dough at any point. 

Then I started to juice. The first day I grabbed what I had in my fridge. It consisted of 2 mini cucumbers, 2 celery sticks, a carrot, 4 strawberries, a whole lemon and 3 cups of spinach. It didnt taste good but it didnt taste bad either. I learned that the colder it was the easier it was to drink. It was kind of refreshing. I had a whole glass first thing in the morning and suddenly my energy went through the roof. I am a vivid coffee drinker and I couldnt even imagine having a cup that morning. I felt great. Even more I was so PROUD of myself for accomplishing what I had promised.   

{update: I have also started doing smoothies to change up texture and flavor. I blend 4 strawberries, 1 banana, ice and 1 cup of nonfat organic milk, with 2 scoops of chocolate protein powder to keep me full} 


I have received so many compliments on my new body. Everyone is asking me how and what I do. Well that is it, {so far}. I think that I am more happy about feeling good, both in my clothes and with them off ;). I have more energy Im not tired all the time and not feeling bloated 24/7 is amazing! Go ahead and make just three commitments today and see how you do. Once you have mastered those commitments and you start to feel good then slowly add another one. Soon you will have adjusted to a completely different lifestyle and you wont even notice it accept for the pounds you will lose. 



Here are some great inspirations I have found on Pinterest! Check it out..... Keep It Simple Fitness! 


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Tuesday, March 12, 2013 12:05PM
By - Tiffany! A Mommy Lifestyle Reader
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All her Secerets To Her

Rocking Post-Baby Body!




When I met my husband in 2009, I was 125lbs.  This was the thinnest I had ever been, but I had worked VERY hard to get there!  As comfort set in, like usual once you get past the ‘newness’ of a relationship, I had slowly crept up to 135lbs in a couple years.  This still wasn’t a bad weight for me, standing 5’6”. 

We then began trying for baby #1.  I always told myself getting pregnant would be such a test for me as I had worked so hard to get fit and maintain a decent weight.  My ideal weight had always been 125lbs.  I immediately coached myself on the fact that I didn’t want to gain any more than 30lbs with my pregnancy (less if possible).  The first trimester started off a little rough.  I was tired A LOT.  Therefore, my after work gym routines slowly dwindled.  However, once the 2nd trimester kicked in, I was back in full force at the gym as well as maintained a good diet.  Throughout the rest of my pregnancy, I continued to work out and eat relatively healthy.  Yoga was a major part of my routine, which I swear helped me with my labor.  However, once I hit about 36 weeks, I started to slack on the nutrition side.  I gave into the pregnancy mantra many have that I could splurge since I was pregnant.  I tended to splurge just a tad too much and quickly reached 178lbs by the end of my pregnancy.   So, yes, do the math, I had gained 43lbs!


As I settled into motherhood, I quickly remembered that I once had a nice waistline and it was time to get it back!  I had originally come home from the hospital 10lbs lighter.  So, I only had 38lbs to go!  ONLY?!?  Since I couldn’t begin my normal workout regimen until I got the doctor’s approval, I had to start with my diet.  Now, I must first preface by saying breastfeeding was a MAJOR advantage to weight loss for me.  So by nursing, not only was I shedding weight faster (in my opinion), but I was also providing my baby girl the best nutrition!  Can’t beat that! I breastfed exclusively for 11 months.


I began my mornings with a protein and green packed smoothie.  Lunchtime I would often have a sandwich of some sort and dinners would generally be a protein, veggie and good starch.  Once I got the green light to workout, which was about 8 weeks post baby, I began Crossfit.   Crossfit is a lot of interval training and focuses more on quality of a workout rather than quantity.  My workouts really never last more than 30 minutes, which is exactly what a mom needs!  I was once an avid gym goer, as mentioned, prior to my pregnancy, however, in order to drop the rest of this weight, I needed to change things up! Crossfit was just what I needed and with my brother-in-law’s help {crossfit gym at his home}, I began shedding those pounds. 


It was then time for me to go back to work.  I became very disciplined with my diet.  I am a creature of habit and don’t mind eating the same things, so here was my plan:

Breakfast:           ½ cup plain oatmeal, 1 T brown sugar, cinnamon

Snack                    Kashi bar OR handful almonds

Lunch:                   1 cup spinach, ½ cup carrots, ¼ cup cucumbers, 2T low-cal dressing

                                1 greek yogurt

Snack                    1 medium apple

Dinner                  4oz protein, ½ cup veggies


In addition to keeping up with a regimented meal plan, I also maintained my Crossfit routines.  Now, here is where I feel moms can get caught up with the weight loss and wanting to have your pre-baby figure back so quickly.  I did not and would not spend every day working out.  Time with my little one was far more important.  So, my routines, while once were at 5-6 times/week, had been cut down to 2-3 times/week.  I always also try to go when baby girl is sleeping.  I know some people will say a mom ‘needs time for herself’ but to me, there is a fine line with this.  Too often I see people constantly ‘checking in at the gym’ or working out on Facebook.  I would always ask myself what about the time with their children?!  You never get that time back as they grow so very quickly, so just keep that in mind. 

6 months post baby I was back to my ‘pre-baby weight’ and feeling pretty dang good!  Over the next few months, even with the holidays, I dropped another 8lbs bringing me to 128lbs.  I was now 3lbs away from my ideal weight and 3 weeks away from the Mrs. Nevada pageant where I would be partaking in the opening number…in a showgirl costume!

Time to get cracking and tone up even more!  At this point, I was no longer breastfeeding exclusively, so I was able to cut my caloric intake even more, as diet truly is about 90% of a lean looking body.  By using the My Fitness Pal calorie tracker on my phone, I was on a strict 1250 daily calorie allowance.  For 3 weeks I put everything that entered into my mouth into that tracker…even that Girl Scout cookie that was tempting my taste buds!  And yes, while very committed to losing weight and staying fit, you have to splurge every once and a while.  Friday nights are generally my nights to do so.


The 3 weeks was up and I had done it; the morning of the pageant festivities, I was down to 123lbs!  I am a full time working mother and wife.  I eat healthy and work out a couple few times a week…all while ensuring I stay an engaged and active in my daughter and husband’s lives, as without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today. 

So my advice to other moms out there wanting to lose weight and stay fit…pace yourself.  Don’t be tough on yourself during your pregnancy; enjoy it.  Don’t be so anxious to lose all your baby weight in 9 weeks…it took 9 months to get there!  And, your little one is far more important than a few extra lbs.  And finally, don’t feel like you have to be Supermom/Wife…be YOU as that’s who people love you for!








I am working on it ladies lets all do it together! 


Remember if you ever want to contribute to the Blog contact us! 


Please comment on any tips you have for getting a rocking body post baby! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 4:03PM
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 As we get settled into a new year many of our resolutions have become failures. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean you. But in the spirit of keeping ourselves motivated here are few things you can still start doing to make your life happier and easier. 



Wear More Color

Spring time is coming quickly and it’s the best time of the year to sport colors in your wardrobe. Especially with the newest trends embracing color it is easy to do. It is important to know how much color is too much. Keep in minimal or to at least just a couple accent colors on a neutral base. Pale pink flatters most. Lemon flatters dark skin. Blue is universally flattering {best hue is a greenish blue}.
Get Nails In Shape
I always preach about nail maintenance. I can’t handle when my nails are a mess. Try new trends without looking like a cheap hooker either. Don’t be afraid of color its only for a short while and it will brighten up your day. Use cuticle cream or oil on your cuticles daily. This will keep them from drying and cracking which will make a nail look yucky!
Get Up Earlier
I love when I wake up early and have a ton of extra time. My day just seems to flow better and I don’t end up as big of a stress ball by the end of the night. I also try to set up as much as I possibly can the night before to help my mornings run easy. Think about everything you need to do in the morning for yourself and those around you. I have a checklist I leave at the door to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. {its usually making sure the pup has food & water}
Get a Doable Workout Routine & Stick To it
My best advice is to try anything until you find an activity you won’t mind doing at least 3 x’s a week. For me its Bikram Yoga and Kickboxing at my local gym. I also love to hike and go on walks. DON’T THINK JUST DO!
Take Better Care of Your Skin
First Moisturize, then wash before bed, then use sunscreen, get facials regularly { I try to go at least 1 x every 2 months}. A daily regimen is very important to protect your skin and keep it looking as young as possible for as long as possible. Think about everything we go through all day long and what that can do to our skin.
Streamline Closet & Keep Organized
The best way to organize your clothes is by type and then by color. This will make you go to the area that you will find what you are looking for that is appropriate to where you will be going and then you can decide on color/textures.
I have found that if you are not sure what to purge use the backwards hanger method {you put all clothes hanging backwards, as you use them turn the hanger inward. After 6 months you will be able to see what you haven’t worn and get rid of it!}
Take Better Care of Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Jewelry
I am guilty, guilty, guilty…How many of us have time to polish our shoes or handbags. {not me} but there are a few things we can do that do not take as much time to keep them in good shape and last longer. Make sure you separate your clothes when washing and that you use the proper procedure to clean. Handbags should be stored in fabric bags to keep dust away. Once a quarter take bags out and wipe down {if leather treat with a polish}.
Make Homemade Food
Commit to cooking something homemade at least 3-4 times a week. You can start slow and the more you learn to cook well the more motivated you will be to cook more often. Start with simple recipes, nothing more than a few ingredients or that takes no longer than 20-30 minutes to prepare. It is also a great idea to take one day a week to prepare for cooking throughout the week. Another way to stay committed is to track how much money you save by cooking at home.
I personally commit to cooking lunch {for work} & dinner 5 x’s a week!
Change Diet Slowly
Every week commit to changing one bad habit in your diet. Whether that is eliminating sweets, or bread or soda. Just go one week at a time and it won’t feel so overwhelming.



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Tuesday, July 31, 2012 3:05PM
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So it has been a month after the baby has been born. All the gory details of the labor and aftermath have officially dissipated and now I can focus on getting my body back and/or better than it was pre pregnancy which is ultimately my goal. Before I got pregnant I was introduced to Bikram Yoga. During the first 5 minutes of the class I already wanted to kill my friends for convincing me to sit it the smelliest room I have ever been in and sweat for an 1 1/2 hours, let alone try to hold impossible poses. Although there were women in there 60's that had the most amazing body and made it look so easy. The entire class I pretty much just sat on the floor trying not to get up and walk out or pass out. Bikram Yoga is a series of these really difficult poses in a room that is no less than 95 degress at anywhere from 50%-90% humidity. (YA SERIOUSLY) After we left I felt this amazing high. Its called Yoga brain. You just feel calm, loose and simply ZEN. I also woke up the next day with tighter skin and skinner. (I am talking at least 5 trips to the gym skinner in just one class). My skin was softer too. That got me hooked. If I could feel and look this good after one class and only sat there I had to get on the Bikram Bandwagon.


I really started to enjoy it. I have to say that it is very hard to make yourself go when you know how hard you are about to work but the results are addicting. I had just finished my third week and my body already was getting noticed by people around me. I also felt calmer and happier on a daily basis. That's when I had found out that I was pregnant. Bikram Yoga is not safe for the baby unless you have been practicing it for a long time. So here I am postpartum and I am determined to track my progress and share with you how amazing Bikram Yoga is. Plus that way you can hold me to it! 


Only downside to Bikram Yoga is that it is not cheap most unlimited monthly memberships average $120.00. But like I said the results are worth it and you will spend less on lipo, botox, skin care, mental care, ect. Just try it. 


Beginning August 14th, I commit to going to 3 yoga classes a week for at least six months. 

I will be tracking my progress with photos. I am a little self-conscious to share my body now but I know that it will get better so stay tuned! Anyone else want to take the challenge with me has my full support and I would love to hear from them!