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Sunday, January 13, 2013 9:04AM
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The Best of Beauty on YouTube! 

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Luxy Hair


These girls do step-by-step tutorials on hair do's. They are super easy to follow and have a great view of what they are doing. THese girls have amazing shiny hair and god knows they have created an empire on their Youtube Videos! 



Michelle Phan 


THis girl is not only beautiful in a unique exotic way but she knows how to do some make-up. She has great lighting and explains everything very well including the products that she is using. She also can change her look so dramatically that you cant even tell its her! 




Cute Polish


These quick innovative nail art videos are easy to watch and follow. I do have to say that some of them are ambitious but if your like me and love having your nails did....Then definetly check this out! 





The Beauty Department


Lauren Conrad,  Kristin Ess and Amy Nadine teamed up as thebeautydepartment.com to cover hair and makeup

tutorials, beauty trends and issues, and inspirations.


Miss Glamorazzi


DIY approach, teaching you to make your own products.



Kandee Johnson


Kandee Johnson is a celebrity makeup artist 


Diamonds & Heels 14

provides helpful tutorials that most girls can relate to, such as this thrifty beauty tips and tricks video.



Have fun watching and learning! Post comments on what you tried! 


Thursday, September 27, 2012 10:06PM
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  I have decided about a year ago that I was done with all the gimmicky trendy fashion bullshit! I started to buy simple neutral solid color pieces. I always felt best with simple classic clothing. Making sure that the fit of the clothing is right for my body type has always been a challenge but I feel that my efforts toward fit were better used that my effort to try and stay trendy.{Plus by the time you figure out how to add the trend to your style its passé again} So as my new wardrobe outlook journey began I invested in higher-end simple piece such as black, white, beige tops. I buy them in different styles with simple embellishments if any.

I began to pair them with all the bottoms I had. They went with pants, skirts, shorts and even sometimes with dresses. It was so nice to walk into my closet and put on a top that I knew was flattering and made me feel good. Then I began to add pops of patterns and unique pieces as I felt comfortable. For example, I have leopard flats that I LOVE, but I only wear them with a solid colored shirt and jeans. Otherwise it feels like too much and then it takes focus away from the item I am trying to showcase. I also love to play with jewelry. It can make a simple plan outfit look glamorous. Plus, buying jewelry is a lot cheaper & more fun then buying a million new tops!

Most celebrity mommies that are fashion icons actually wear mostly neutrals. They also buy higher end {which will last you in the long run. Its always smart to buy higher end wardrobe staples} flattering shapes and materials. But, the point is that classy=sexy and that is what will ultimately make you feel good. Check out "Janice Min's new book, the author shares, How to Look Hot in a Minivan: A Real Woman's Guide to Losing Weight, Looking Great, and Dressing Chic in the Age of the Celebrity Mom! Purchase


My Figure:

  • I have a linebackers shoulders,
  • The shoulders make the top of my arms look huge,
  • a large chest {36DD},
  • Short torso but a tiny waist,
  • I have hips but they are not proportionate to my top {why I need two sizes in bathing suits and dresses are terrible to shop for}
  • & short muscular legs!

So these are all the things I need to consider everytime I get dressed. Yes, so do most of the woman in the world. We all were not born as tall, skinny, perfectly proportionate runway models, Go Figure {pun intended}. Some of the people I know would say that how I see my body is crazy and half of those things arent true. Well I have to live with myself and if I can teach my self to dress & style for my figure then that is what I will do. I suggest you write down your list of your figure issues and be honest with yourself. Then research how to dress those different issues. Once you learn to dress your figure you will know what trends will work and how to add them to your wardrobe. The right fit will make you so much happier than mastering a trendy style. 


WARNING: I had committed to styling my hair {although I do wear it natural a lot, I was blessed with natural beachy waves. Sorry Ladies but easily attainable} and wearing make-up everyday. I think that when you wear simple neutral clothing that more emphasis is focused on your natural beauty and therefore we need to enhance it with great hair and make-up! WHATS IN MY MAKE-UP BAG!

Another WARNING: You that you need to do research on the right hair and make-up for your face & hair. Not all styles are going to be flattering. It took me a long time to figure this out. I cant rock every trend, I have to rock every trend that will make me feel like a rockstar. How I would love to cut all my hair off and wear sport a pixie style, but there is no way I would look good. {thanks for trying to convince me but I know better :) }. So I treat my hair with great products and have had it long for awhile now. Trust me I get bored with it too, but that is what great about hair color and being able to master different hair styling techniques. 



For Example Emma looks so sexy ad classy in all black with a simple white blazer and stamtement making shoes {I WANT THOSES!}! This is exactly what I mean about turning head with little effort. But again remember shape & body type, make-up and hair become more noticable! 

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How to find your figure type and how to dress it! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 10:25AM
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Wednesday, May 02, 2012 2:12PM
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Postpartum Pampering! Hospitals around the country are now offering bedside spa services during your hospital stay.

Where do I sign up?