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Monday, March 18, 2013 10:57AM
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This has something for everyones taste! 
Listen Here

  • Danger Zone, Kenny Loggins
  • Follow You Down, Gin Blossoms 
  • Upgrade You Beyonce featuring Jay-Z 
  • Elements of Life, Tiesto (
  • Please Don’t Stop the Music, Rihanna
  • Feelin’ Stronger Everyday, Chicago 
  • Respect, Aretha Franklin
  • Cherry Poppin Daddies, Zoot Suit Riot
  • Serenity, Godsmack
  • Inside, Sevendust
  • The Unforgiven, Metallica
  • Burden In My Hand, Soundgarden
  • No Excuses, Alice In Chains
  • Whip It, Devo
  • Love Shack, The B-52′s
  • It Takes Two, Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock
  • Don’t Stop Believing, Journey
  • Would I Lie To You, The Eurythmics
  • Fly, Sugar Ray
  • Shake Your Body Down to the Ground, Michael Jackson
  • I Don’t Feel Like Dancing, Scissor Sisters
  • Dirty Work, Dan Steely
  • Save It for Later, The English Beat
  • I Can See Clearly Now, Johnny Nash
  • Diamonds and Pearls, Prince


 Got any songs we should add? 



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Cleaning Checklists

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 4:03PM
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 As we get settled into a new year many of our resolutions have become failures. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean you. But in the spirit of keeping ourselves motivated here are few things you can still start doing to make your life happier and easier. 



Wear More Color

Spring time is coming quickly and it’s the best time of the year to sport colors in your wardrobe. Especially with the newest trends embracing color it is easy to do. It is important to know how much color is too much. Keep in minimal or to at least just a couple accent colors on a neutral base. Pale pink flatters most. Lemon flatters dark skin. Blue is universally flattering {best hue is a greenish blue}.
Get Nails In Shape
I always preach about nail maintenance. I can’t handle when my nails are a mess. Try new trends without looking like a cheap hooker either. Don’t be afraid of color its only for a short while and it will brighten up your day. Use cuticle cream or oil on your cuticles daily. This will keep them from drying and cracking which will make a nail look yucky!
Get Up Earlier
I love when I wake up early and have a ton of extra time. My day just seems to flow better and I don’t end up as big of a stress ball by the end of the night. I also try to set up as much as I possibly can the night before to help my mornings run easy. Think about everything you need to do in the morning for yourself and those around you. I have a checklist I leave at the door to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. {its usually making sure the pup has food & water}
Get a Doable Workout Routine & Stick To it
My best advice is to try anything until you find an activity you won’t mind doing at least 3 x’s a week. For me its Bikram Yoga and Kickboxing at my local gym. I also love to hike and go on walks. DON’T THINK JUST DO!
Take Better Care of Your Skin
First Moisturize, then wash before bed, then use sunscreen, get facials regularly { I try to go at least 1 x every 2 months}. A daily regimen is very important to protect your skin and keep it looking as young as possible for as long as possible. Think about everything we go through all day long and what that can do to our skin.
Streamline Closet & Keep Organized
The best way to organize your clothes is by type and then by color. This will make you go to the area that you will find what you are looking for that is appropriate to where you will be going and then you can decide on color/textures.
I have found that if you are not sure what to purge use the backwards hanger method {you put all clothes hanging backwards, as you use them turn the hanger inward. After 6 months you will be able to see what you haven’t worn and get rid of it!}
Take Better Care of Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Jewelry
I am guilty, guilty, guilty…How many of us have time to polish our shoes or handbags. {not me} but there are a few things we can do that do not take as much time to keep them in good shape and last longer. Make sure you separate your clothes when washing and that you use the proper procedure to clean. Handbags should be stored in fabric bags to keep dust away. Once a quarter take bags out and wipe down {if leather treat with a polish}.
Make Homemade Food
Commit to cooking something homemade at least 3-4 times a week. You can start slow and the more you learn to cook well the more motivated you will be to cook more often. Start with simple recipes, nothing more than a few ingredients or that takes no longer than 20-30 minutes to prepare. It is also a great idea to take one day a week to prepare for cooking throughout the week. Another way to stay committed is to track how much money you save by cooking at home.
I personally commit to cooking lunch {for work} & dinner 5 x’s a week!
Change Diet Slowly
Every week commit to changing one bad habit in your diet. Whether that is eliminating sweets, or bread or soda. Just go one week at a time and it won’t feel so overwhelming.



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Food & Recipes

Fashion & Beauty

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 9:34AM
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Here is a picture tutorial on how to make

a TUTU for anything!

I made a TUTU CRIBSKIRT! How easy and Cute! 




  • Fabric sized to fit crib {28" x 52"}
  • Tulle of your color choice { I used two basic rolls from Michaels}
  • Scissors


Make Small slits throughout fabric edge. Cut strips of tulle. Make sure you measure the tulle so that it is long enough for what you will need it for. Then take tulle strip and loop it through the slit. and pull! It is that easy! 








Monday, November 19, 2012 9:14AM
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Follow these guidlines and you will never not have a clean home! 







Click Here for Printable! 

Monday, October 29, 2012 7:17AM
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Take A Tour of My Home! 


Living Room/ Dining Room/ Entry/ Kitchen! 

Talk about open concept! 

Z Gallery! 

Our Wedding Photos in B&W! Above the table in Entry of Home! 

Dining Room! Love the Chandelier From West Elm! 





Master Bedroom! 

Sitting Area in Master! 

Master Bathroom! 





Guest Bedroom! 

Guest Bath! 

Backyard! {a work in progress}




The View from our Home! 

My Fav Pic of Louie! 


Hope you enjoyed! 

Check out Ellyah Nursery!